Does @theresa_may’s ‘right-hand man’ shout “shut up bitch” to Cooper? #GE2017


In the House of Commons yesterday, as Jeremy Corbyn once again made mincemeat of Theresa May and the Labour benches united vociferously behind their leader, temperatures rose on the Tory side of the House. As will happen when things reach boiling point, impurities rise to the surface.

In the case of Tory front-bencher – and, on Wednesday, literally Theresa May’s right-hand man – David Mundell, who appears to be shouting across the Chamber to Labour back-bencher Yvette Cooper, “Shut up bitch“:

Some have argued that he’s shouting ‘leadership pitch’. It’s possible. Watch and decide for yourself.

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  1. Come on SB you are better than this! What nonsense! Total respect for your speedy retraction of the fake news story you were duped into reporting recently. I can only hope you retract this quickly and don’t make a habit of this sort of thing. You surely have watched the footage and know that this is a fake news item. I cannot understand why you would give it your time, it undermines the great articles you have produced previously.

  2. I’m not a fan of the Tories but I am a fan of truth. I’m pretty sure he actually said “leadership pitch”

  3. It’s way he looks around to see who has heard him with a smug, schoolboy expression that I also find offensive. The mindset of the Tories is so immature.

  4. How on earth do these people get elected in the first place? It beggars belief.

  5. Lol, ignorant bitch was demonstrated to be a lie, so now they trying shut up bitch? Get a GRIP.

    He said, with a Scottish accent “Lead-UR-ship Pitch” to suggest otherwise is quite frankly pathetic and childish. He was referring to Coopers speech which sounded like a PMQs audition.

    I hope he sues for slander, I really do, and I am a Corbyn supporter.

  6. Are you sure that’s what be said? Leadership pitch does actually sound more feasible.

  7. I’ve watched this a dozen times at least and there are not enough syllables in what he says for ‘leadership pitch’.
    ‘p’ and ‘b’ are both bilabial stops, but for a ‘p’ the lips move forward slightly while a ‘b’ is sounded by drawing the lips inwards, which also has the effect of creasing the mouth in the corners. Watch this again and see which of these two movements comes at the end.

  8. Interesting dilemma.

    In the absence of a recording, it could be either or something else. I’ve just watched it repeatedly and honestly do not know. I think it’s what you want it to be.

    Are there any habitual lip-readers out there (say, from the deaf community) who can help? If there isn’t, we must give him the benefit of the doubt and move on.

  9. I didn’t see Cooper anywhere, but May was looming in the foreground.

    Perhaps “shut up bitch” was meant for her.

    Needless to say, I do not endorse misogynist language, but yes, May should shut up – permanently.

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