Honest Tories rare in politics – but they know May is the #HollowWoman #GE2017

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Tim Montgomerie is a former Times comment editor, co-founder of The Centre for Social Justice alongside former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and founder of the Conservative Home website. He has been described as:

one of the most important Conservative activists of the past 20 years


In the eyes of most MPs, Montgomerie [is] one of the most influential Tories outside the cabinet

This morning, he made a remarkable comment about Theresa May following her interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:


Mrs May is merely copying a standard Cameron tactic. As soon as the former PM said “Let me be very clear”, you knew he was about to lie, obfuscate, muddy the waters – anything but be clear, basically.

But Montgomerie is a journalist who takes care with his choice of words. So that he used ‘vacuous’ – twice – about her statements is neither accidental nor insignificant.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines vacuous as:


The word has the same root as ‘vacuum’ – an emptied space. This does not merely apply to Theresa May’s words but to the woman herself: devoid of substance, empty. It’s why she can’t improvise at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) and sticks so painfully to stilted scripts – which is of course why she’s so terrified of facing Corbyn (or for that matter any of the party leaders) and being exposed in a live TV debate watched by millionsShe spouts vacuities. And why her audiences look so pained when she speaks in carefully stage-managed events.

Because she is the Hollow Woman – nothing behind the eyes, nothing to offer but ‘vacuous soundbite after vacuous soundbite’.

And on the first day of the countdown to the General Election, she already looks like exactly what she is when contrasted with Corbyn’s authenticity, drive and humanity – and the huge popular appeal that stems from them.

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  1. Great find. Seeing a Conservative point it out is a good example. She is very clear on her approach to honesty also. She repeatedly lies. From claiming not to plan to hold a snap election (Until she feels its politically advantageous) to claiming to be working on a fair society for everyone. In reality she is working to create an ideal society for the privileged few. The greatest Tory deception has always been in convincing many people that they are part of that elite club when they never will be. They persuade people to vote against their own interests are the clearest example of a kleptocracy we have ever seen in modern Britain.

    Don’t even get me started on the genocide or democide depending how you define it.

    June is the end of May. Lets make it so.

  2. May is the British version of Hillary Clinton. They both had the backing of the establishment and the donor class.

    Like Clinton, the establishment is telling the public that May is a shoe in.

    Dan Hodges famously stated “calm down, she’s got this”, and the media claimed Clinton had a 95% probability of winning before the presidential result was announced.

    The establishment may well be in for a similar shock when the General Election result is announced.

    We will all have to play our part in any way we can to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn is returned as the prime minister of this country.

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