SKWAWKBOX legal fighting fund – please share and help if you can

The SKWAWKBOX has received a threatening solicitors’ letter from the subject of one of its exposés. The complaint is unfounded, factually incorrect and vexatious – it even contains a remarkable admission that the subject did do as the article indicated, yet alleges defamation anyway.

It’s a transparent attempt to silence this blog and prevent further investigations and revelations.

However, there may be some legal expenses involved in seeing off the attempted intimidation, so the SKWAWKBOX is looking to raise ‘fighting funds’ to ensure it can properly resist this and any future attempts.


More detail will be released as and when it becomes possible to do so, but formal legal advice will need to be taken first, so if you’re able to make a small contribution please click here and also share the article to ensure that this blog is in a position of strength to be able to keep bringing you the information that the Establishment doesn’t want you to have.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please do click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


  1. Small donation sent. Wish I could contribute more but only have a small pension. Good luck with legal challenge. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. I can’t get on to the site to donate. Is it working ok, or is it my poota (again)?

    1. It might be the computer, could you try again and let me know? There should be no issues and it seems to be working at the morning

      1. Thanks, probably my poota. I’ll try again, but it will have to be tomorrow now.

  3. Donation made and stuff the asshole who is suing you .Per chance not a Labour MP of the Progress persuasion ?
    Keep up the great work especially over the coming weeks ,

  4. Guess we’ll find out who skwawkbox is when Mr.Bienkov takes him to the cleaners.

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