Young constituent takes Blenkinsop to task in remarkable open letter

This blog has recently covered the lamentable performance of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland (MSEC) MP Tom Blenkinsop and his transparent attempts to offload the blame for the consequences of that performance onto Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It has become clear, from information that came to light following the initial SKWAWKBOX article, that many of Blenkinsop’s constituents see right through the attempt and hold him responsible for his own failures and their impact on the perception of the party in the local area.

The SKWAWKBOX has received permission to publish a remarkable letter written to Tom Blenkinsop by Honor, a 17yo constituent, in which she lists the ways in which she feels he has failed in his duty as a Labour MP – and let her down personally. It is reproduced below, more than eloquent enough to need no further comment:

honor 1honor 2

Honor told the SKWAWKBOX:

I met [Blenkinsop] twice when I was at school, just after he was first elected, however as the years have gone on, I can’t see how he has offered anything to his constituency.

I am a proud labour member and it’s so disappointing to have to deal with TB like this, as he bears the Labour label. I think the most telling part of my letter is about Andy Mcdonald in the neighbouring constituency, who is willing to work closely with Corbyn, yet Tom can’t?!

Indeed. The performance of Labour’s front-benchers, including Andy McDonald, puts Tom Blenkinsop and his ilk to shame, which may explain their inability to stop carping and seeking attention.

If Honor receives a reply from Blenkinsop, which we hope she does, this blog will provide an update.

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  1. The Labour Party has recently launched three vote winning policies.

    Free school lunches, increasing the minimum wage to £10 an hour and supporting small businesses by ensuring they are paid in full and on time by large companies.

    Tom Blenkinsop has refused to promote any of these vote winning policies.

    A Labour MP who refuses to promote election winning policies is not fit to be a Labour MP and is clearly engaging in sabotage against the party.

    Mr Blenkinsop must be made an example of in order to demonstrate to the plotters the price they will pay for sabotaging the electability of the Labour Party.

    It is time to withdraw the whip from Mr Blenkinsop and to cut him adrift from the party.

  2. Honor and her family need to attend their CLP and discuss the possible deselection of this excuse for an MP. Then they can vote Labour without feeling that they are supporting the insupportable.

  3. This remarkable letter should be shown to all those people who oppose Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. I stand by my own view that it would be good for grassroots morale if two or three like-minded anti-Corbyn MPs had the whip withdrawn, and had the tea leaves read.

  4. I also subscribe to the policy of withdrawing the whip from the top miscreant MPs, Labour has to make a stand, then it can be up to the CLP whether to deselect.

    Also, I think it is actually illegal for a constituency MP to refuse to engage with a constituent, I believe there is legal precedence for this.

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