A statement from Len McCluskey’s campaign

As most readers will know, incumbent Len McCluskey and challenger Gerard Coyne are fighting a battle for the Unite General Secretary’s position. There is also a 3rd candidate, Ian Allinson, but he is not regarded as a serious contender by most.


This author is a proud member of Unite and has paid close attention to the campaigns of both main candidates. I can honestly say that McCluskey has fought a principled, statesmanlike campaign and has a vision not just for Unite but for the country that is desperately needed.

Coyne, on the other hand, has taken the low road of smear tactics and his plans for the union betray a Trump-like insularity that ignores the fact that Unite does not exist in a vacuum but affects and is affected by the wider situation. He appeals to small-mindedness and defeatism. His campaign is also involved in what appears to be a breach of the Data Protection Act, with emails being sent to Labour members who have never been members of Unite or of any of the unions that merged to create it.

The SKWAWKBOX is proud to support Len McCluskey’s campaign for a renewed mandate on which to fight for the good of members and of the country. We’re pleased to publish this statement from his campaign and ask readers to share – and to #VoteLen.

Vote Len McCluskey the Union Activists choice for General Secretary

Unite the Union, a Fighting Back Union under Len McCluskey’s Leadership

  • Stands up for members –over 1000 disputes supported and won in 2016.
  • Established a strike fund of over £36 million –paying members £35 per day from day one.
  • Despite Legal challenges Len has never repudiated a strike involving members – which was normal for previous General Secretaries.
  • Leading the fight back against the privatisation of the NHS

No wonder the anti Union media/establishment with right wing candidate Gerard Coyne (with only 187 Branch nominations) are seeking to topple Len McCluskey.  His campaign is devoid of policy and politics but chooses instead to make personal unfounded allegations against Len McCluskey

A vote for Gerard Coyne is a return to the bad old days of not being supported when you need help, No strike agreements and cosy Company partnership agreements with YOU the workers at the losing end.

Ian Allinson (with only 76 Branch nominations) the third candidate cannot win this election. He can only take votes from Len McCluskey. He claims to be progressive – do not be fooled by his rhetoric.                                                A vote for Ian Allinson is a vote for Gerard Coyne.

Reject right wing Gerard Coyne – the anti Union media/establishment candidate.

Vote for a Fighting Back Union

Vote Len McCluskey

 Nominated by 1185 Branches with 559,000 members

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  1. Like the writer, I too am a member of UNITE!
    Now way will I vote for Coyne, his only interest is himself, not me you or those who believe in change for the GOOD!
    What’s his track record?
    Sit down, a cup of tea and biscuits with a tot of Whiskey with the boss, not forgetting anything else that may be on the table!
    Sitting for the best part of the day, then call in the representatives of the workforce to tell them the deals done?
    Longer hours, less pay, shorter holidays and a zero contract!
    Good one or what lads?

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