THIRTY #ToryUturns Corbyn’s Labour has forced from the Tories

The ridiculous ‘open goal’ nonsense spouted by the Tory/Blairite media and Establishment after Corbyn’s latest policy and PMQs victory today was merely the most recent and risible in ‘Operation Ineffective Opposition’ – the attempt to ‘Big Lie’ the public into believing that Corbyn is weak in spite of clear, daily evidence to the contrary.

tory u-turn

The right control the mainstream media, but information is power and it’s up to us to get it out there to counteract the Big Lie.

Corbyn’s supposedly-ineffective opposition has forced dozens of u-turns from the Tories in the 18 months since he became Labour leader – revitalising an Opposition that had seemed hopelessly compromised and had capitulated to the government on even the most hideous policies, such as cuts and caps to benefits relied on by the most vulnerable and the working poor.

Below is a far from exhaustive list of thirty u-turns that Corbyn’s Labour has wrung from a malignant and supposedly-strong Tory government. Read it and you will understand exactly why his (and our) enemies both Tory and Blairite are so desperate to bring him down by banging the ‘ineffective’ drum – and just how nonsensical it is:

  1. Government forced to abandon £6m Saudi Prison Contract (13th Oct 2015)
  2. Immigration controls on Nurses working in the NHS lifted (16th Oct 2015)
  3. Government finally scrap plans to extend Sunday Trading hours (10th Nov 2015)
  4. Tories dramatically abandon £12bn Welfare Cuts including PIP & Tax Credits (25th Nov 2015)
  5. 25% mooted cut to Police Service budgets scrapped after CSR is published (25th Nov 2015)
  6. Tories backtrack on Tampon Tax, instead earmarking £15m for women’s charities (28th Nov 2015)
  7. Plan to make convicts pay £1,250 towards their court case axed after outcry (3rd Dec 2015)
  8. Tory Plans to remove ‘feminism’ from A-Level syllabuses are scrapped (10th Dec 2015)
  9. Government reversed decision to keep Bahrain & Egypt off human rights concern list (19th Dec 2015)
  10. 33% cut to 2,000 Government Interpreters enhanced pay scrapped (15th Jan 2016)
  11. Planned 1% cut in rent support to OAPs, Veterans & Abuse Victims is withdrawn (27th Jan 2016)
  12. Planned 9% cut to legal aid fees that would have hurt law firms is scrapped (28th Jan 2016)
  13. U-Turn on plan to abolish 4 Child Poverty measurements (26th Feb 2016)
  14. Plan to weaken the Freedom of Information Act halted (1st March 2016)
  15. Funding for Wildlife Crime Unit restored after public outcry (1st March 2016)
  16. Abandon their Pension ISA plan (6th March 2016)
  17. Tory plan to tax solar panels 5% is axed (21st Mar 2016)
  18. Tories retreat on their plan to hold vote to overturn ban on Foxhunting (6th April 2016)
  19. Tory plan to relax food safety & ethics standards in poultry halted (7th April 2016)
  20. Plan to levy 3% Stamp Duty on “Granny Flats” scrapped (14th April 2016)
  21. Threats to force e-voting on Trade Union strikes & opt-in for Labour funding withdrawn (26th April 2016)
  22. 13 defeats inflicted on Tory Housing Bill (26th April 2016)
  23. Government climb-down on plan to impose a new contract on Junior Doctors halted (5th May 2016)
  24. Forcing *all* schools to become academies (7th May 2016)
  25. Tory plan to scrap the Human Rights Act in first 100 days abandoned (14th Aug 2016)
  26. Tories abandon plan to withdraw from European Convention on Human Rights (30th June 2016)
  27. Plan to make firms list foreign workers in a staff list are withdrawn (9th Oct 2016)
  28. Theresa May backtracked on her refusal to publish a Brexit White Paper before Article 50 vote (25th Jan 2017)
  29. Theresa May caves in to demand for MPs to get a vote on final Brexit Deal (7th Feb 2017)
  30. Plans to tax Self Employed workers including 1.149m living in poverty axed (15th Mar 2017)

Now imagine if all those had gone through – and then be thankful that the lies are untrue and Labour under Corbyn is a very effective opposition.

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  1. I can’t find the info anymore but somewhere I saw the amount of U turns achieved by Jeremy is a record (2016) I’m sure he will be just as successful this year too

  2. This is a handy reference for countering anti-Corbyn propaganda. Thanks. Very useful.

  3. It’s a bit of a conundrum though I’ve often thought. The more things get overturned thanks to the Labour opposition the fewer Tory ideas come to fruition and the more their true awfulness is concealed. So that by the end of their term people think they’re not so bad really. Part of me wants their policies to be put into practise unchallenged so that people really get to experience the consequences – and realise they need to vote Labour.

    1. This is true, groovmistress. Trouble is, some of us would be dead and the damage to institutions like the NHS would be irreversible. In fact, the NHS would be gone – with the proceeds mysteriously in the pockets of the rich tory elite.

  4. Corbyn is the only alternative, hopefully in alliance with other parties. Otherwise Brexit Tory. That is the choice.

  5. The tampon tax was sneaked back in the budget – yes International Women’s Day – in the same week we discover girls in poor families are missing school in the UK because their families can’t afford sanitary towels.

  6. Thank you squawkbox this article and the previous that showed msm as liars have given me hope that we can challenge and please thank your team well written counter attacks giving us ammunition in a dirty war

  7. Anyway you could e mail this great article to me want to use it in hard copy as im TU political officer in my CWU branch then I can swap to word and send out as a poster.

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