#Toryelectionfraud justice requires FULL reckoning, not #McKinlay as sacrificial lamb

At long last – and contrary to the expectations of many who saw the limitations-clock ticking down to a free pass for the Tories – police have begun to take action following their investigations into fraudulent Tory election expenditure.


The recent emergence of whistleblowers among Tory General Election campaigners, who have testified to the knowing breaches of spending laws by Conservative campaign managers and MPs, has done much to focus the attention of mainstream press and broadcasters who had previously acted as if the investigation did not exist.

All to the good.

c4 wblowers

But there has also been talk over the last week or so of one or two Tories being ‘made an example of’ as a means of putting the matter to bed.

Let’s be clear, Tory election fraud in 2015 was planned, systematic and virtually nationwide – around 30 Tory MPs/candidates were implicated and most were under active police investigation.

A number greater than their parliamentary majority.

The Tories must not be allowed to throw McKinlay and/or another hapless patsy ‘under the bus’ in the hope of defusing public anger and calls for the General Election result to be annulled.

If charges are proven – and the evidence appears overwhelming – then every damaging law and decision by this despicable government, from cuts to the income of disabled people to the idiotic and cowardly decision by David Cameron to call the EU referendum and the hate-crime and despair that many have suffered as a result, are fruit of that huge and deliberate crime.

No sacrificial lamb can be remotely enough. Nothing less than a full reckoning will do.

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  1. I believe that news channels are covering those MPs backs too and Downing Street is feeding false information like this #FakeNews article


    Lets remember those Tories knew how many campaigners they had on the streets and how many coaches were being dispatched so is not rocket science to work out if limits were being breached furthermore they signed off those campaign speeding claims indeed it is a #SlamDunker and the CPS should recognise the wide public interest

  2. Tell me we’re not going to be treated to weeks of that twat Farage whining about how he was robbed? Please?

  3. The chances of the judiciary bringing down the government is ……..well zero, but given this Govt complete lack of respect as in the EU judgment judges decision and the complete lack of a strong statement from Amber Rudd and overall lack of respect in the Tory media there might be enough metal to show the Tories they are not above the law. It won’t be all the MP’s being investigated though but hopefully enough for the press not to be able to ignore.

  4. Reblogged this on Declaration Of Opinion and commented:
    I thought much the same about only one MP as an example. I also noticed it just happens to be the seat Farage stood for, which in the scheme of things might mean nothing, maybe my cynicism about the way the whole system works is working overtime at present.

  5. Unfortunately even if these MP’s were to be found to have broken the law it will not invalidate the general election result. As hard as that is to swallow all that it will mean is a rerun of those elections. At this point though you can see why the Tories and Progress constantly trash Corbyn because he’s only a short number of MP’s away from a majority.

    1. I speculate – say there were 16 – 18 constituency elections re – run, and say the Tories lost them all.

      Would the right wing Labour MPs then vote with Corbyn…?

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