Exclusive: Nuttall-Banks email makes both look vain and desperate. #RIPUKIP?

The media are today reporting that UKIP’s major donor, Arron Banks, has decided to form a breakaway party out of his ‘Leave.EU’ campaign, after UKIP ‘suspended’ him. Banks was highly critical of Nuttall – saying he needed to apologise to squash clubs after comparing UKIP’s leadership to the management of one – and announced his intention to stand against the party’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, who had also been a target of Banks’ ire, at the next election.

This blog can reveal that claims of finance in an email sent by Paul Nuttall to Arron Banks – evidently in response to comments or communication from Banks – are a bluff. And the emails paint a pleasingly awful picture of both men:

nut 1a

nut 1

nut 2.jpg

Nuttall’s bruised ego screams from the email as he asserts his “largest mandate ever” – eloquent testimony to the humiliating beating he and his credibility took in Stoke, while the statement that Banks had let his membership lapse and might not be allowed back into the party will rankle with the no less vain businessman and makes a mockery of the email’s pretended search for common ground. This is nothing more than a face-saving attempt – and clearly a failed one.

Inside sources assure the SKWAWKBOX that Nuttall’s claims of ‘significant donors’ is mere bluster and that UKIP is starved of cash – at least from legitimate sources – and on its last legs.

Banks, meanwhile, also appears to be trying to save face with his ‘cunning plan’ to found ‘UKIP 2.0‘ – but if he thinks that trying to split a party and its supporters is easy or likely to lead to success, he ought perhaps to have a word with Tim Farron about the LibDems’ SDP precursor.

Although the LibDems’ handful of MPs must look like Mount Everest to both Nuttall and Banks just now.

It looks like we might be approaching the death of UKIP and the moment when we can consign Nuttall, Farage and the rest to well-deserved irrelevance and obscurity.

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  1. Now that the wheels are falling off this circus ride should we not be charging Farage, Nuttall Banks et al with treason for the disaster they have caused to the UK?

  2. The demise of Ukip is welcome, except for the fact that their territory is now a part of the standard Tory offer now.

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