#Angell on Sky ready for anti-Corbyn spin. Here’s why you should ignore him

Progress director Richard Angell has been spotted hovering in the background on Sky News, no doubt ready to put the most negative, anti-Corbyn spin on tonight’s by-election results, whatever they turn out to be in a couple of hours. That’s what he – and the ‘party within a party’ that he directs – do, like bears crap in the woods.

Sky – and other media – will present him as a Labour voice, which will be as big a lie as you will hear on TV or read in the press in the next 24 hours.

Angell’s Labour credentials are as genuine as UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s claims to ‘never walk alone’ as a Liverpool fan. Which comparison, of course, is by no means coincidental.

UKIP’s campaign – and indeed the party – became a laughing stock last week when the party’s official Twitter account published a picture of pro-Nuttall ‘activists’ and claimed they were in Stoke, which was quickly exposed as being in Bolton.

Mere yards, in fact, from Bolton Wanderers’ stadium, where UKIP was holding its spring conference.


What most people won’t realise is that UKIP might have attempted the scam on a larger scale – but they were not the first to try it. So where did they learn the trick?

At the end of last year, Angell was a speaker at the conference of Labour First in Brandhall Labour Club in the Midlands, where right-wingers patted themselves on the back and plotted to seize control of ‘their’ party.

When he was called out on participating in that plotfest while the rest of the Labour party was involved in ‘NHS Day’, Labour’s biggest-ever campaign, Angell (Angell, Nutall – is there something about two ‘L’s at the end of the surname?!) attempted to avoid the accusation by claiming he was doing both:


But he was quickly exposed as attempting a scam:


Angell’s idea of ‘campaigning for the NHS’ was to stand a few yards outside the conference venue holding a sign.

Now, where have we seen that before again? Oh yes.

Angell is as close to being a representative of the Labour Party as UKIP’s ‘people’s army’ was to Stoke last week. And about as trustworthy a spokesman as those all-too-similar photos.

And what he says about tonight’s results – whatever they are – will be as reliable and objective as if he belonged to UKIP or the Conservative party. Which he might as well.

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