Years late, #Nuttall gives #Hillsborough evidence. Has desperation pushed him to perjury?

The almost unbelievable saga of Paul Nuttall’s self-inflicted Hillsborough woes has taken an even more incredible turn – as this morning, Nuttall announced that he had yesterday ‘spent more than 3 hours’ giving a witness statement to Operation Resolve.

nuttall panel.png 

If Mr Nuttall has told the truth to the panel – and given his record so far and the gaping inconsistencies in his statements it’s a huge ‘if’ – then the question has to be asked:

WHY HAS IT TAKEN YOU ALMOST 30 YEARS when you knew police and the inquiry have been seeking witness statements?

The even more serious question, though – given that he will have been giving evidence under oath – is this:

If – as many people have now concluded – Mr Nuttall has been piggybacking on the tragedy of Hillsborough to try to increase his appeal and facing complete political oblivion and ridicule, has Mr Nuttall just perjured himself in a desperate attempt to escape the consequences of being found out?

His track record – and the complete absence of anyone apart from 2 family members and an employee who say he was there – means the police should be examining his statement with a microscope.

And prosecuting him to the full extent of the law should he be found to have lied under oath.

Whatever the eventual outcome of this, at best Mr Nuttall has done too little, too late – and at worst, he could face a lengthy spell behind bars.

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  1. I await with bated breath for the next instalment on Nuttall by the Sqwawkbox. If UKIP was a proper Party, it would have sacked him by now.
    Please keep them coming.

  2. Well, there’s apparently plenty of cctv footage for the old bill to trawl through to help identify him; as evidenced by public appeals for witnesses during the hearing. Nutcase has said he was involved in the crush outside, as well as being in the upper tier inside the Leppings Lane end. I don’t know whether the police will be able to pick him (Or his family members) out…Incidentally, have they made statements?

    Even if the police can identify him from cctv footage, it doesn’t exonerate nutjob’s calamitous handling or approach of the event. Nor the vicious lies of ‘chickenhead’ farage – who alleged the Hillsborough families (Via the Labour party somehow?!) had prevented nuttall from approaching/affiliating with them.

    That said, I stand by my belief that his claims regarding everything to do with Hillsborough are flimsy at best, totally unconvincing (verging on outright whoppers intended to garner sympathy & some sort of warped kudos) at worst. From his self-embellishment as a so-called ‘survivor’ to the (fabricated) claim from his press officer (Somebody who’s actually worked as a reporter on Merseyside for the Liverpool Echo between 1971-91) trying to palm us off with the ridiculous excuse that she, in fact, wrote BOTH false claims that nutcase ‘lost close personal friends’ (I wonder who wrote the original first claim, made in an interview with the BBC in August 2011 – Was that Lynda Roughley as well???)

    To his 28 YEAR delay in ‘volunteering evidence’.

    Very little stacks up. Anyway, nothing can excuse his behaviour in my eyes anymore. He had very few (If any) redeeming features before. He’s most definitely shot his bolt, now.

    For the last 28 years, Liverpool fans (I’m an Evertonian btw) as well as the people of the city, have been labelled as ‘victims’. The city has (Unfairly) been called the ‘Self-pity city’ by Boris, amongst others. And yet that bad bootle meff has done more than enough to perpetuate that image to outsiders with his carryings-on, making out he’s the ‘victim’….No, he’s a scabby rat.

    I hope he NEVER gets a minute’s peace about it – Even if he can prove he was there. The best justice that could possibly be meted out would be for him to become even more of the pariah he’s rapidly becoming, and for him to become one of the ‘parasitical underclass of scroungers’ – The UKIP term used for benefit claimants in one of their manifestos. Let’s see him jump through hoops to ‘survive’.

  3. Without wishing to condone him at all,any statement won’t have been under oath, it will have been on a police statement form which contains a warning that you could prosecuted if you knew it was untrue and it was tendered in evidence. Which is unlikely to happen, as it won’t contain anything of consequence. It could of course be an attempt to pervert the course of justice if e.g. he wasn’t there etc

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