#BBC #Marr show editor admits: ‘we don’t worry about a show’s balance’

Labour Party supporters have been disgusted over the last week or so, as a parade of right-wing ex-Labour figures from reviled former leader Tony Blair through serial election-loser John McTernan and a ridiculous Jolyon Maugham newspaper article to the oily Peter Mandelson on yesterday’s Marr show on the BBC have been wheeled out with damaging comments – just a few days before the important by-elections in Stoke and Copeland.

marr balance.png

In a lengthy Twitter exchange with Labour activist Eoin Clarke on the topic of balance on the Marr show, which followed Mandelson’s appearance, programme editor Rob Burley made a remarkable admission:


In other words, in the view of the Marr show, it’s ok to put out a completely one-sided show full of Labour relics droning on about an ‘uprising’ against Brexit just before two important by-elections in ‘Leave’ strongholds – as long as you put someone else on some other time ‘for balance’.

If this is an acceptable approach to journalism and ‘impartial’ broadcasting and not a ‘licence to shill‘, I don’t know what is.

The collection of ex-Labour fossils in the ‘Toxic Tony’ section of the Political History Museum – and their blairite, faux-Labour descendants still clinging leech-like to the party – who are desperate to return to a redundant, ‘more of the same’ politics that the country doesn’t need and Labour members have massively rejected – must be worried at the collapse of UKIP’s Paul Nuttall in Stoke and the doorstep feedback in Copeland.

So they’re pulling out all the last-ditch stops to try to torpedo the Labour campaigns – and it’s now on record that at least one major BBC show is happy to give them a vehicle for doing so without the inconvenience of worrying about balancing shows just before elections.

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  1. If they don’t worry about a show’s balance, one day we’ll get:

    • George Galloway
    • Derek Hatton
    • Ken Loach
    • Mark Steel

    …but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. It was pretty obvious but rather shocking to have it confirmed by the programme editor, Rob Burley.

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