@paulnuttallukip – as (an alleged) #Hillsborough survivor will you condemn @arron_banks?

On Tuesday evening, as the sky began to fall on the head of UKIP leader and Stoke Central parliamentary candidate Paul Nuttall, he tried to evade the collapse by having a UKIP press officer take the blame and resign. It was the act of a coward.

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And it worked for only about a microsecond, as sharp-eyed Twitter users spotted that Nuttall had spoken directly to the BBC in 2011 and made the exact same claim – that he had lost ‘close friends’ in the Hillsborough disaster:


So he lied. And then lied about lying.

Doubt has also been cast on Paul Nuttall’s claim to have been personally present at the disaster – originally by this blog, as a result of video analysis, then consequently by the Guardian newspaper.

Mr Nuttall’s comments shown above weaken his claim to have been there still further, as he failed to mention it to the BBC in an interview when it could not have been more relevant.

However, another shrewd Twitter user has spotted yet another quandary in which Nuttall finds himself – if he is a survivor of the Hillsborough disaster, then the vile remarks on Tuesday night of major UKIP donor Arron Banks will surely outrage him as much as those who survived and those who lost loved ones. So this question applies:

What about it, Mr Nuttall? Will you condemn your major donor for his contemptuous comments toward Hillsborough families and survivors? Or will you admit you were never there?

If you fail to do the former, you will be doing the latter – the only choice will be whether it’s by admission or omission.

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