#PaulNuttall not only hiding in person. Website offline ‘for maintenance’ too

Paul Nuttall has been unavailable all day as he seems to have gone into hiding rather than face questions/the music over his false claims regarding the Hillsborough disaster. But not just in person.

An attempt to access Nuttall’s MEP website currently returns the following:

nuttall offline.png

Since the SKWAWKBOX’s revelation that the BBC did not copy a press release from his website with the claim that he lost ‘close personal friends’ at Hillsborough – because the BBC’s direct quote of Nuttall’s claim preceded any entries on his own website – and the intensifying scrutiny of the mainstream media, it seems he has decided that hiding is the better part of, well something rather than be exposed for even more lies each time he opens his mouth.

If the ‘maintenance’ consists of trying to find and scrub every bit of incriminating evidence from the site, one must expect it will be down for some time. Which is no bad thing for most people, but not quite what the people of Stoke Central might expect from someone asking them to elect him to Parliament in 8 days’ time.

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  1. Sent from Outlook He’s probably playing football/ saving someone/ or doing all these things that super heroes do


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