#Farage tries to claim exoneration from OLAF #fraud investigation – with a note from accounts dept

The mainstream media have been playing catch-up lately on the SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive that revealed UKIP is under investigation by the EU’s OLAF anti-fraud unit for fraud allegations amounting to €20 million.

OLAF‘s report is due out this week. But former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been trying to get ahead of the news by claiming to the Daily Express that he has been ‘cleared’ of the allegations:


Farage is quoted as saying,

The European Parliament has stated that my employment of local assistants is in order and reasonable.

I would politely ask people to correct and not repeat false allegations that I am under investigation because it is not true.

It would be appreciated if people were made aware and acknowledged that I have been given the all clear.

Well, you have to give him full marks for ‘neck’, at least.

The Express is UKIP’s primary cheerleader among the media, so much so that it’s basically a UKIP daily newsletter, but the credibility of Farage’s claim is given away by the fact that even the pro-UKIP rag has to acknowledge that Brussels ‘furiously denies’ Farage’s claim and says emphatically,

..officials [told] Express.co.uk that Mr Farage had been cleared of nothing

As the parliamentary officials elaborated, Farage’s supposed “all clear” is merely a letter from the accounting department relating to an ‘annual accounts exercise’ – as the relevant EU regulations and the Express’ article show, it’s nothing more than

a simple confirmation that the books of the assistants employed by Mr Farage were kept in accordance to the Parliament’s requirements” and had been presented on time.

Not only that, but the letter is dated 16 Nov 2016 – months before the investigation was due to conclude. Here is a facsimile of the letter itself:


And, of course, accounts departments don’t have the authority to exonerate people from an official, legal, fraud investigation.

Mr Farage must be seriously worried about the findings of the investigation and its impact on his reputation if he’s resorting to this kind of transparent bluff.

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