#Farage used wife’s old school address on citizenship application


The SKWAWKBOX’s recent articles on Nigel Farage’s alleged application for German citizenship – which he has personally declined to deny when asked – have been the subject of much interest and, of course, have stirred something of a hornet’s nest.

Further information has come to light on the residency address said to be used on the application, which is that of a school in Hamburg, the Stadtteilschule Niendorf:

It was the old school of Kirsten Mehr or, as she’s now better known, Kirsten Farage – as her page on the Stayfriends website confirms:


The address also appears to be linked to Mrs F via a relative who has a business registered there. So it’s easy to see why it might spring to mind as a residency address for an application form.

The connections deepen and strengthen.

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  1. There’s no doubt that she (Farage’s wife) went to school there.

    There is no (obvious) evidence that she is related to someone who has a business there (you allude to a google link that certainly doesn’t seem obvious to me). Even were this to be the case, it proves nothing at all, unless we have a document with THIS address and Farage’s name. Which we don’t. Therefore, there is ZERO credible evidence (other than hearsay) that Farage has made an application using this address.

    I am therefore mystified that you say ‘the connections deepen and strengthen’ when there are no connections other than those provided bu your ‘private sources’.

    Incidentally, he would also need to pass a German language exam to gain citizenship – he doesn’t speak a word of German.

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