Why did #Trump rescind #Farage’s VIP inauguration invite?

It’s a matter of record that Nigel Farage received a VIP ‘golden ticket invitation‘ to Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s also rumoured that Farage was extremely proud of this and was showing it to anyone who would listen. Certainly he was not camera shy ahead of the ceremony:

What nobody appears to have remarked on so far is that there appear to be no pictures of Farage at the inauguration – nor even any mention of his actually attending. Given that Farage is anything but reticent about grabbing every photo opportunity, this should be surprising enough to attract attention.

Farage did throw a huge post-inauguration party in Trump’s honour, hiring the entire top floor of an expensive hotel a stone’s throw from the White House – and there is no shortage of pictures of him at this event, at which he is said to have praised Trump to the proverbial rafters.


inaug party.png
Nigel Farage, with Arron Banks in the background, at their inauguration party


Even diarists of the day who fawned over Farage’s party conspicuously omit any mention of him actually attending the inauguration itself.

The SKWAWKBOX can reveal that, according to extremely well-placed sources, the reason for the dearth of images or accounts of Farage at the inauguration ceremony is a simple one: his invitation was rescinded shortly before the event.

tf divorce.png
But who’ll get the Wagner CD collection?

By whom? Judging by the chummy group selfie with Mississippi governor Phil Bryant in Farage’s tweet above, it wasn’t Bryant’s doing – and it suggests that the withdrawal happened at very short notice, unless Farage was putting on a very brave face the day before the event. Which would leave Trump or his team as the likely source.

Farage may, of course, have attended as part of the main ‘crowd’ (such as it was), but would be very unlikely to spread photos of him mingling with the ordinary people when the media was expecting him in the thick of the formal invitees.

The SKWAWKBOX also understands that Mr Farage was repeatedly heard assuring journalists at the bash that Trump would be appearing, as the media had been trailing in the days before the event.

He did not attend at any point, in spite of the nearness of the venue.

Could the already-reviled US President have decided that Nigel Farage is too toxic even for him?

Edit: new photographic evidence that Farage was not at the inauguration as a VIP is now available here.

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  1. I think Trumps own narcissistic disorder would not cope with that of Farage’s. Clash of enormous egos!

  2. It should be obvious to all but isn’t. Trump is not the sort of person who returns favours once your usefulness has finished. I should know because I’m a person (along with 100s) who have been dispensed with by Trump in business when you are no longer of any use. This has never been a secret and the whole of New York has known it for decades. It’s why banks will not touch him and legitimate investment firms will have nothing to do with him. Trump does not have friends, he has acquaintances and they come and go. Only his family remain and even then only his children are given loyalty.
    I’ve watched people like Nigel Farage and Julian Assange suck up to Trump and aid him probably thinking he will reward them in some way. He never does and he never has with anyone. Moreover, when you are a ‘witness’ to some of his shenanigans it is even more reason to freeze you out and dispense with you. And he gets away with it because people like Assange or Farage are not going to reveal this because it just makes them look like fools. This also reflects upon their characters that a person like Farage can seemingly have so much influence and yet he is incapable of reading human emotions correctly.

    1. Assange is not an idiot. If you truly cannot appreciate the role of Wikileaks in a proper functioning democracy then you’re a fool. Wikileaks performs a vital role in allowing misdeeds to be reported safely and verifiabley. Unfortunately too many have fallen for blatant smear against both Assange and Wikileaks amounts others and have instead bought in to the corporate mythology that has given us shits like Farage in the currently United Kingdom and sociopaths like Trump in the US.

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