Photo evidence #FarageNoVIP: VIP invite to #Trump inauguration rescinded

Sincere thanks to Anne Gillion, Andy King and Sam Kriss, who together combined to bring to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX photographic evidence that supports this blog’s exclusive revelation that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s VIP ‘golden ticket’ invitation to the Presidential inauguration had been rescinded by Donald Trump shortly before the event.

The telling evidence shows Farage ‘slumming it’ in the street on 20 January, the day of the inauguration, when a VIP guest would have been at receptions or parties before/after the event or else at the inauguration itself:


Anyone who knows anything about Farage knows there is no way he’d be smoking a cigarette on a messy street corner when he could be hobnobbing it – and getting photographed doing it – among the rich, famous and powerful.

So it really does appear that Mr Farage was cold-shouldered by Trump as soon as his usefulness was over. Considered irrelevant and rejected by one of the world’s worst people – no wonder he kept quiet about it and tried to put on a brave face at his hugely-expensive, whole-hotel-floor party. Which Trump also snubbed.


Let’s hope the BBC catches onto Farage’s irrelevance soon.

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  1. Let’s hope LBC radio also catches on to his irrelevance and axes his inane programme.

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