Exclusive: “#TomWatson to ‘go National Socialist’ to position for leadership bid”


Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is, it’s safe to say, not popular with most Labour members. After his role in last summer’s ‘chicken coup’ and his snide speech at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool, any currency he had with the huge Corbyn-supporting majority had evaporated even before revelations of Watson’s ‘Project Anaconda‘ plan to try to strangle Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He appears not to have learned any lessons.

A very senior Labour source has talked to the SKWAWKBOX about Watson’s current thinking and positioning – and it makes shocking reading, even to those with an already-Stygian opinion of the man.

The information from the senior source fits perfectly with Watson’s statement to the Co-operative Party’s economic conference at the weekend that Britain “keep an open mind” about Trump’s economic policies – a statement that Watson has published on his website – and with Watson’s known disloyalty to the party’s leader.

Here’s what this source had to say about Watson:

Tom Watson is hoping that Brexit is going to damage Jeremy Corbyn by causing his supporters who don’t want to leave the EU to either leave the party or discontinue their support for Corbyn. He thinks that he can increase his popularity by adopting an ‘ultra old blue Labour‘ approach in the hope of positioning for the leadership.

He’s banking on changes to the membership make-up, but he’s more than ready to ‘go national socialist‘ [those are the exact words used!] to appeal to people who basically agree with Trump’s attitude to Muslims. He’ll go as far to the right as he thinks is useful.

Watson has no morals or integrity, he’s a spider at the centre of a web. He has money and the party machine behind him and he’s perfectly happy to drag the party to the right to achieve his aim.

This would make Labour genuinely unelectable, but our right-wingers don’t care as long as they regain control of the party – which of course is exactly what they accuse the left of.

(Edit: since some comments indicate some people don’t realise, ‘National Socialist’ has nothing to do with Watson joining the Socialist Party. It was the full name of the Nazi party)

This writer knows about the utter contempt in which Watson is held by the vast majority of Labour members, but the idea that Watson would be ready to appeal to racism and xenophobia in order to mount a challenge for the leadership is beyond the pale even for him.

If it is true that he entertains hopes of achieving the leadership, it will not be in a straight or fair fight.

Which means it’s more essential than ever that Watson is removed not just from the deputy leader’s position but from the party altogether – and that real Labour members make sure they are not outflanked for delegate positions at this year’s annual conference in Brighton, to ensure that no more anti-democratic rules can be unlawfully forced through, as happened at last year’s conference in Liverpool.

It’s also essential that no Corbyn supporters allow themselves to become demoralised into leaving the Labour Party and that everyone behind his vision who is able joins as a full member to strengthen his support. You can do so here.

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  1. If this is serious the man and his co-hort’s are delusional and living in a parallel universe. Can’t believe I got conned into voting for him

    1. Yes, ‘conned’ is the word, me too.

      On the 12th Sept 2015, barely fifteen minutes before Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson was elected as his deputy. During Tom Watson’s acceptance speech he said the following: “I plan to back our new leader 100%…. and I ask you to do the same”.

      The man is a fraud and needs to be removed from the Party, he has done nothing but undermine Jeremy Corbyn since his election. How the heck Corbyn has put up with Watson and his crew, including Iain McNicol, god only knows.

  2. Whilst I am no fan of Tom Watson , Jeremy is weakening his position with members by not opposing the article 50 process. The majority of members including myself, wish to remain in the European Union. I feel that Jeremy is supporting his own interests when he states that he “cannot ignore the will of the majority of British people”. I am seriously considering leaving the labour party because this issue is seminal to our future.

    1. JC is supporting democracy, I voted remain and don`t want to leave the EU but recognise that we live in a democracy. The majority voted leave, and as the saying goes when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That is what JC is doing.

  3. So does Watson want to set up a new party called, perhaps, the National Socialist Party for instance, that is more right wing and agrees with the view of victimising and targeting people of a certain religion. What could possibly go wrong, its not as though anything like this has happened before……….

  4. Just for those who dont know what National Socialist means, its how Hitler started out as in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. I’m not sure this is actually what this article is referring to however

  5. What is the procedure for withdrawing the whip from Watson? Can Jeremy Corbyn do it without NEC approval which is under the influence of Watson?

    1. If you search ‘whip’ on the blog, you’ll find an article and a link to a parliamentary site that seems to indicate it’s his choice.

      1. Of course there is, Dave. The whip is his Parliamentary status as a Labour MP, separate from his elected DL position

  6. McNicol is doing what he is told by his employers, the NEC. The NEC are doing what they are told by their employers Blair, Labour Friends of Isreal and Portland Communications. The right has infiltrated the Labour Party at every level (including some unions) in the 25 years or so since Blair. I think you get the picture. The party machine has been captured by the right, undemocratically at the Party conference in 2016. They do not represent the membership, but that’s of no consequence. They do their masters bidding.

  7. Incredible that a politician such as he wouldnt be aware the fact that the nazis full name was the left wing sounding “National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP)” crass ignorance and unforgiveable.

    1. That’s not the point of the article, Jack. The source used that phrase to emphasise how far to the right Watson is prepared to swing if he thinks it will enhance his position, rather than literally.

    2. Ok., but even to consider styling a Party that way (National Socialist) would surely be fatal? Is there such a thing as Left Populist, haven’t the far right, Farage et al, already cornered the manipulation of people’s prejudices? – and they are experts!

  8. Watson is a Criminal and Trator like Benn and McNicol and they should of been sacked months ago their presence in the labour party destroys the Trust of decent people who would vote True labour only for these Vermin and we Need to sack them to regain the Trust of the public.

  9. This is the first time in my 42 yes of my voting life I have wasted my vote by voting for this turncoat to be Deputy Leader. Just wish there was a way I could rescinder it.

  10. I think Watson and like would sacrifice UK trade, an efficient Brexit, suck up to Trump, agree racist policies and fuck up everything, just for his obsession at getting rid of Corbyn at any cost,

    To be honest the whole lot are losing me and have lost me, typical Labour, all me me me and the in bands of cliques.


  11. Watson really should just step down. He clearly can’t stand being deputy leader under Corbyn – I suspect he doesn’t feel special if he’s not surrounded by Blairites – and I don’t think many of his voters would vote for him again.

  12. I never viewed the man as anything other than a right-wing fascist and a “National Socialist” through and through!

    1. Watson Benn and McNicol abused their position when they conspired go defraud the electorate they are a Conflict of interest dishonest untrustworty and are a threat to the integrity of True labour we Need to fight at every labour meeting countrywide to get them out they Have seriously damaged the parties reputation and Having them in the party puts off decent Honest people from voting for us they Have took Bribes to sell out their party and their country and their Criminal voting records are appalling, Fascist and mirror the evil voting records of the Tories They Must Be Sacked a.s.a.p. Before their next Beyrayal and the 170.000 they stitched up and Betrayed should be apologised to and taken Back because what Watson Benn and McNicol did was Criminal and by rights they should be arrested and sackng them from our party is long overdue and it will Help re-build The Trust that Thatchers greatest achievements Have lost us. If they dont agree with being sacked they can challenge the decision in the courts and if they argue about being Sacked the frontine police im sure will Be absolutely ‘delighted’ to remove them from the premises, wouldnt they???

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