Please sign and share this open letter in support of Corbyn’s Brexit handling


Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents have a long habit of setting up pseudo-Labour entities to promote their agenda and undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Labour Leave, for example, showed its true colours by donating £18,500 to UKIP last year.

One more such group has sprung up, of unknown funding sources, and is receiving much attention from media outlets all too keen to divert attention from Theresa May’s implosion on Brexit by portraying Labour and its leader as the party in the greatest Brexit trouble.

Labour against Brexit (@Labour4EU on Twitter) was co-founded by Jon Proctor, a Progress member (surprise) with a criminal record (apparently for an animal rights-related offence of criminal damage), who was taken to task last year by Labour members in the north-east for claiming they were massively opposed to Jeremy Corbyn.

In spite of the credibility issues raised by these facts, Mr Proctor has been given a platform by the Guardian, on the basis of just a few thousand signatures, to claim a ‘grassroots revolt’ of Labour members against Corbyn’s handling of Brexit.

Without question, Labour faces a very complex situation with regard to Brexit. Two-thirds of members voted to remain in the EU, but a clear majority of voters in many of Labour’s ‘northern heartlands’ voted to leave.

But the real ones floundering are May and the Tories, who are grasping at even the most spiny straws as they realise that in their attempt to neutralise UKIP they’ve sawn of the branch they were sitting on and have no cards to play in their negotiations with the EU.


Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, has been statesmanlike, nuanced and skillful so far. While right-wing Labour MPs – and Labour against Brexit – have poured contempt on those who voted leave, he has respected their feelings and votes while also refusing to hand the Tories easy political or propaganda victories and at the same time setting up obstacles to the Tories’ desire to turn the UK into some low-rent, offshore tax haven with no taxes for the rich and no protections for the rest of us.

Labour Shadow Cabinet member Clive Lewis – as Shadow Business Secretary as well-placed as anyone to see what’s happening and what’s needed – has been portrayed by the media as a likely ‘rebel’, ignoring Lewis’ clear statement that he will follow the Labour ‘whip’ until he sees what the final form of the ‘Article 50’ bill actually says. Lewis himself has published his own intelligent summary of the situation on his Facebook page.

No doubt, Corbyn’s opponents in Progress and other pseudo-Labour right-wing factions hope Corbyn will be blamed for the Brexit bill, undermining his support in the Labour Party so they can launch yet another coup attempt. Which is ludicrous, but so was blaming Corbyn for the referendum result and look what happened there.

In politics, perception is vital and the media, with the collusion of right-wing Labour MPs, functionaries and pseudo-Labour groups, are doing all they can to create a public perception that it’s Corbyn who’s struggling instead of Theresa May who’s drowning and not waving.

So to counter that attempt, a new ‘open letter has been launched for those to sign who support Corbyn and his team in their handling of a difficult situation. We need – and this writer is confident that we will – achieve far higher levels of signatures, so please sign the petition by visiting the link at the very end of this article and completing the simple form.

Unlike Labour against Brexit‘s letter, this letter is open to Labour members and non-members alike. As the right-wingers like to point out, Labour needs the support of voters, not just members, so this is a chance for non-members who respect Corbyn’s skill and statecraft in this situation to have their say, too.

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Edit: over 2,000 signatures in 5 hours or so. Keep up the good work.

Sign the open letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn – don’t forget to share this article, too!


  1. Another attempt to discredit JC with confusion and blame ,it isn’t about brexit its about trying yet again to mislead the public
    Jeremy continues to be clear about labours policies while he is leader

  2. Can we see an letter with names backing it also please so we can see how we are doing on this.

    1. Names are being added to the Google document periodically – unfortunately it’s not possible to keep it up to date by the second. The first 1000 or so signatures can now be viewed by clicking the link at the end of the article, as can the original letter.

  3. Hi – This Open letter may need to be reviewed to ensure the results are credible as it looks like it is possible to “sign” multiple times.

  4. I support Corbyn all the way. The Blairites are just using Brexit as another way to undermine him, the membership and to regain power so they can continue to do bugger all and dip their snouts in the same trough as the Tories.

  5. Yes the Labour First one because that is what the anti article 50 one is has people signing it more then once.

  6. We will see this through,like all other futile attemps to oust him and humiliate him.

  7. Some MPs need to show discipline and go out and argue for the party’s position on this, rather than hide behind the fact that majority of constituents voted to stay in EU. That’s what politics and party membership is about.

  8. Don’t worry Jeremy, we can all see through the confusion created by msm and the people trying so desperately to discredit you, it won’t work, the majority of people can now see through the smoke screens.

  9. The enemy within are at it again it seems. The public voted out, we must all learn to live with that and make it work the best we can.

  10. Thanks for this. Signed. Two points—1) typo in 7th para of letter: insert “is” after “Labour”. “Mickey Mouse” seems to have signed under false pretences—he’s a troll not a mouse.

  11. I support our leader in taking the wisest chooses during this difficult period of the Brexit negotiations. The votes concerning the content of terms for leaving the EU in the house of commons are the most important since WW2.

  12. 100% behind you JC and your loyal team plus your stance re. Trump 1000% as the dangerous fool would say!

  13. I support Jeremy stance over Brexit despite voting remain. Respect the democratic vote , but try to obligate the government for free trade, worker and human rights.

  14. Seems Like Angela Eagle is at it again. This message was sent yesterday (1/29/17) to members of her suspended Wallasey CLP, asking them to complete a Brexit Survey.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but this question (one of several in the full online survey) seems designed to force a response which precludes what JC is proposing, and then to be used against him?

    The email is reproduced below:

    Brexit Survey


    I’m emailing you to get your views on the Bill that will take Britain out of the European Union. The Bill is scheduled to have its Second Reading next week and the Government aims to complete all stages of the Bill and to receive Royal Assent within two or three weeks.

    As you will know, the referendum on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union on June 23rd 2016 resulted in a narrow 52:48 majority for leaving the EU. In the Wirral the result was exactly the reverse: a 52:48 majority for remaining in the EU.

    Theresa May’s Conservative Government were set to leave the EU without any further consultation by handing in their notice of intent under “Article 50” of the Treaty that makes us a member of the EU. Once the notice of intent is handed in, we only have two years in which to finalise all of our future relations with the 27 members of the EU, including a new trade deal, travel rights, residency rights and security cooperation.

    However, the Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that only Parliament has the right to decide when we hand in this notice of intent. Given that this decision will have an effect on not just us for the next decade or more, but our children, friends, families, employers and employees, I wanted to ask you for your views on what will be the central political issue of 2017 in the United Kingdom and probably for years to come.

    Our Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has agreed to vote with the Government and trigger “Article 50” by the end of March, although Jeremy will ask for some assurances on trade, employee rights and other issues. However, if we don’t get those assurances, it looks more likely than not that Labour MPs will be whipped to vote with the Government to trigger “Article 50”.

    I want to hear from you about what you think Labour’s priorities should be in the coming period and how you think this should be handled in Parliament.

    Thank you,

    Angela Eagle MP
    http://www.facebook.com/angela4labour /

    Which of the following statements on how Labour should handle the “Brexit Bill” is closest to your thinking:

    ◯ Labour should vote with the Government to hand in our notice to the EU under “Article 50″.

    ◯ Labour should vote against the Government and block the handing in of our notice until the Government gives guarantees on key issues such as trade, residency rights and employee rights.

    ◯ Labour should vote against the Government in all circumstances.

    Please do not forward this email as its survey link is unique to you.

  15. I think the behaviour of right wing blairites has been disgraceful towards the labour voters and towards Mr Corbyn. The right wing press and media have also behaved appallingly. But Mr Corbyn many of us see it for what it is the elitist classes running scared at the prospect of equality and fairness. I salute you Sir

  16. I signed the other petition in error – I’m not familiar with parliamentary procedure. Now I realise that those MPs opposed to Brexit still have to support the triggering of Article 50 in order to submit amendments to whatever the gov’t is trying to push through. Otherwise they are powerless to do anything when it comes to negotiations. At least Jeremy Corbyn, Clive Lewis and a number of others are aware of this and why the 3-line whip is being used. Labour MPs are entitled to reject the whip, but they are not voting in the interests of democracy. At least the opposition will be able to table amendments.

    My question though is – do you know how can I remove my name from the other petition. There are no contact details at all on that site.

    1. I guess you’d have to email them (or tweet to Jon Proctor on Twitter if you have it) and ask them to remove your name. It should be possible to do it.

      1. Thanks Swawkbox – I’ve messaged him on Facebook, but I don’t expect a response. There are no details on his petition, where I can contact anyone. So I’ll post something on my f/b page to direct them to this petition – and to your page. Feeling duped 🙁

  17. Jeremy is one of the only politicians who’s motivations I actually trust! Would love to support him in any way I can

  18. Well it’s so nice to read a whole string of uncritical comments about Jeremy Corbyn: is this what the Labour Party has become? Stuffed full of members with their heads up their rectums praising a Messiah to whom the rest of the planet just looks like a mischievous, cowardly, out- of-his-depth, never has been. His so called strategy has merely underpinned the Government’s argument that the referendum result demonstrates the “Will of the People” and that it would be anti-democratic to vote against it. Seven months on that mantra (which is utterly false), is more ingrained than ever and becoming almost impossible to challenge. The Parliamentary Labour Party were tricked in 2015 when they supported the EU Referendum Bill with a non-binding referendum without any safe guards, only to discover after the Bill became law that the Conservatives (in their election manifesto) were going to treat the result as a mandate. That behaviour is duplicitous and undemocratic and it’s why treating the referendum result as a democratic mandate is unacceptable. Any position running contrary to that view merely supports UKIP and Mrs. Theresa May.

    1. It’s notable how those criticising Corbyn always have lots of assertions to make but nothing to back them up. And in case you forgot, Corbyn wasn’t leading Labour when the referendum bill went through. He can only play the hand he’s been dealt as well as possible.

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