Wallasey CLP News: proof that Eagle supporters have made up accusations

A crucial further point on the Wallasey debacle – why was a member shown to have confected damaging allegations against a Corbyn-supporting fellow member was omitted from the NEC Disputes Panel’s woeful report – and what it means about the antics and mores of some people at Labour. As the author writes:

“We’re also forced to contemplate another question: if Labour Party members in Wallasey are capable of deliberately inventing false allegations in order to damage their own colleagues, what else have they been lying about? Can we trust them to be honest and above board about the bullying, the intimidation and the homophobia that they’ve been queuing up to allege?

Or were these also very specific, very elaborate, very carefully contrived falsehoods similar to the one that Linda Keogh took time to dwell upon and make as watertight as possible in the letter above?

And broadening out still further, given the disenfranchising, the snubbing of the grass roots, the attacks on local party democracy at four different locations and the clamping down on members’ movements and free speech, we also need to ask the fundamental question:

What on earth is behind the strange, almost alien modus operandi underway at Labour Party HQ?”


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