#UKIP MEP facing FOUR new rape investigations

Last spring, UKIP MEP, Essex councillor and former head of policy, Tim Aker was investigated by police, including a search of his home, for an alleged ‘sexual assault’.

That allegation did not, so far, lead to charges although there were subsequent allegations, also so far unproven, of witness intimidation

Now a UKIP whistleblower has informed the SKWAWKBOX that Mr Aker is facing four further investigations with regard to allegations of rape from unconnected victims in four separate UK locations.


Mr Aker is alleged to have raped victims in Skegness, Norwich, East London and Oxford. All allegations have been reported to police. At least one woman – a young student at Oxford University – is understood to have attempted suicide after the alleged attack. One of the women is understood to have been a minor at the time of the alleged rape.

The purported Norwich incident was reported in April last year and the case closed by police last month, but the alleged victim is said to be appealing the decision, claiming that police spoke to several colleagues or employees of Mr Aker as character witnesses but declined to talk to a medical professional who examined her. According to the alleged victim, a police officer told her that this was because ‘women who invent rape accusations can mislead doctors’. Should the appeal be unsuccessful, a private prosecution is said to be under serious consideration.

It must be remembered that these are allegations only – nothing has been proven in court and the presumption of innocence applies until that changes.

However, the fact of the allegations is of undoubted public interest, especially in light of the fact that a separate EU investigation is already underway into allegations that Mr Aker’s party embezzled over €20 million (on top of €400k already proven) and was involved in the production and distribution of child pornography and in the intimidation of witnesses – an investigation due to publish its report next month.

Given the already-proven misappropriation of EU funds by UKIP and the recent admission of fraud and plea-bargaining away of money-laundering charges in the US by a close associate of Nigel Farage and former senior party functionary, there are already legitimate questions to be asked about the nature of the party and those in its higher echelons.

And, given the nature of the new claims by intelligence agencies in the US about Donald Trump, if any of the allegations of even darker crimes by people at the heart of UKIP are upheld, those questions will come into still sharper relief and will also encompass its former leader’s association with the US President-elect.

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  1. No surprise is it then that Aker has come out today to support Whittle for Ukip leader.
    What is it they say about birds of a feather?

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