Exclusive: Lewis may sue Daily Mail – and others? – over ‘leadership plot’ smear

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX covered the fake-news claim by the Daily Mail ‘newspaper’ that Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South and Shadow Business Secretary, was ‘plotting’ to take the Labour party leadership from Jeremy Corbyn.

This evening, Mr Lewis revealed on Twitter that he is considering legal action against the right-wing rag – and possibly others involved:

lewis sue.png

Lewis, a member of 3 unions – Unite, GMB and the NUJ – may well call upon the resources of his unions to initiate and follow through legal action against the Daily Mail. As straight a shooter as they come, he is understood to be incandescent about the smear and rightly so.

On social media, he handled the matter with characteristic class:


However, his cryptic ‘circular firing squad’ solution looks, to this author, like a reference to the alleged involvement of members of the ‘chicken coup’ in the libellous article, to which the SKWAWKBOX’s earlier article briefly referred. After all, the Daily Mail is an out-and-out enemy, nothing ‘circular’ about its tirade.

If so, I’m sure that I’m not the only one hoping the Clive Lewis’ lawsuit, if it proceeds, will include even any ‘Labour’ MPs who have participated in the libel and brought the Labour party into disrepute in so doing.

It will be a much-needed corrective to the attitude and actions of certain parliamentary members who seem currently to feel they can act in any way they wish, with impunity.

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