You really want to follow this new blogger

The SKWAWKBOX was very excited to find out that the ‘meme-factory’ that is @rachael_swindon on Twitter now has her own blog. The first article was published last night and it’s on the topic of the Watson/Dugher fake-news ‘inquiry’ fiasco that features highly in this writer’s interests:


I strongly recommend that everyone follow her blog and Twitter account as avidly as I will be, for incisive comment and for political memes with high production values, humour and a real punch.


  1. just say the rich must pay their taxes Austerity is a neocon con just raise the spending on the NHS to first world standard no more of the BBC speak of “we all know that there is no money” nonsence just those that have investing their money on privatised industries for a guaranteed reward paid by the rest of us

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