BBC News: Farage “loves to be fingered” by Trump

In a daytime interview with BBC News yesterday, former athlete, lawyer and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell, or Baron Campbell of Pittenweem CH, CBE, PC, QC as he is formally known, was asked about (currently interim – again) UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s relationship with US President-elect Donald Trump.

His response was revealing.

Nigel loves to be fingered in that way by Donald Trump.


Mr Campbell did not specify in exactly what way, or how many fingers are preferred, but the SKWAWKBOX is very interested to publish the details if he is prepared to divulge. Shamefully, the BBC has not yet made the footage available on its online feed for the day in question, but it will be linked if and when this changes.

(None of this is made up – not even the part about President-elect Trump, sadly – so I hope to avoid the tender embrace of Watson and Dugher for a little while longer. Of course, interpretation of events may vary.)

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