‘Strictly’ Balls (up): WHO is running @UKLabour Twitter – and WHY?


Last night’s @UKLabour Twitter account featured a seriously cringe-worthy and ill-judged contribution to a series of inappropriate Tweets about Ed Balls’ participation on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show:

Compare this excruciating ‘teamglitterballs’ nonsense with the dry, dutiful tenor of the account’s Tweets on even the most important issues and policy announcements and its ‘fanboy/girl’ style raises serious questions about the agenda (and mentality) of whoever is running the account.

This is just the latest in a line of tweets, with others not much better:

Ed Balls enthusiasm and effort on the show can’t be faulted. But so what? His recent record in political terms would get an ordinary member expelled.

Balls’ 2016 autobiography dismissed the change that has turned Labour into a genuine political alternative for the first time in decades and the biggest political party in Western Europe as a ‘leftist utopian fantasy’.

He has shown no hesitation in using his newly-raised profile to appear on TV and even in the right-wing press talk down the party’s electoral chances. 

He has consistently backed the damaging, so-called ‘moderates’ who undermined the party’s polling in order to further their own agenda (as shown beyond question by the 9-point swing back to Labour after just a month of their relative silence).

He was one of only 7 MPs to lose their seat to a Tory in 2015 – in Leeds, for goodness’ sake – on a night when Labour took 11 seats from Tories, making his credentials for talking about what is electable less than non-existent.

And when Shadow Chancellor, he was behind Labour’s disastrous ‘Tory lite’ strategy, promising to prolong the Tories’ hideously unfair and self-destructive child-benefit cap.

With a record like this, it’s safe to say that Balls has no part in ‘teamLabour’.

And that the vast majority of Labour’s approaching-600k members are emphatically not in ‘teamglitterballs’ and would join this writer in wishing that he would paso doble straight toward the exit door from Strictly – and from the Labour party.

Along with whoever is responsible for the Balls bollocks on Labour’s social media.


  1. I thought this was a ploy by Ed Balls (and surely there are people backing him?) to go on Strictly to use it as a platform to smear Labour Under Jeremy Corbyn. This has come true and he appears in many interviews, mainly because he is in Strictly, but his ulterior purpose is very clear to me. I think he will be kept in by the public(?) until they have had enough or he thinks he has achieved his aim. By the way, I think the whole Strictly “thing” is a “fix”.

    1. Agree with above comment that the whole ‘strictly thing’ is a fix. Balls should no longer be in the Labour Party as he has done so much damage.
      Janet Beale

  2. I think that these absurd tweets from The Labour Party highlight the right wing bias in the “management” of the party. Iain McNicol, his cronies on the NEC and in the PLP plus the “Grandees” are solidly right wing and anti Corbyn. As far as “Balls Up” is concerned – he is engaged in a full on attack on the current leadership/policies. He is a political failure. He is also a full on Blairite/Progress creature. However he is presented by the MSM as a “moderate” politician which is a downright lie normal in this “post truth” society. As for the “Strictly” bollocks it’s just “(un) reality TV” – more opium for the masses as the world lurches to the right and maybe, even fascism.

  3. Love the ‘ Balls bollocks’ fits beautifully the failed ball bag or scrotum of the Blairites.

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