A (Remembrance) nod as good as a bow to a blind media – as long as it’s May


So, another Remembrance Sunday has passed, with mainstream media more than happy to focus on ridiculous, fabricated accusations of Corbyn dances – and then to withdraw them once the damage is done.

But one thing that passed without comment was Theresa May’s performance at the Cenotaph during the service of Remembrance.

Ms May managed the barest tilt of the head after laying down her wreath – yet, as the image above shows, she has no physical ailment preventing her scraping the deepest, most awkward-looking curtsey to Royalty.

Yet, in stark contrast to the farcical media frenzy around Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘nod’ in 2015, there was simply no comment in the media about Ms May’s ‘lack of respect’.

This highlights not only the blatant hypocrisy of the media but also the fundamental ‘toadyism’ of the Tory Establishment. Ms May is quite capable of the most emetic obsequiousness for what she considers her ‘betters’, but can’t even convincingly fake a sense of loss at the deaths of ‘commoners’.

Which is just as well, since the her government is determined to outdo its predecessor in causing more, sneering even at the UN’s condemnation of the Tories’ treatment of the vulnerable.

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