Exclusive: named eyewitness caught police red-handed making ‘weapons’ ‘found’ at miners’ demo

Later this week I plan to publish an article covering the various pieces of compelling eye-witness testimony about Orgreave, the actions of police there and the involvement of army troops dressed as police officers, which have been sent to this blog following the articles on the Battle of Orgreave and the Tories’ motives for refusing a public inquiry last week.

Richborough Power Station

But one piece of evidence has come to light that bears immediate exposure. It does not concern events at Orgreave, but rather another miners’ demonstration at Richborough power plant in Kent. But what it reveals bears directly on the credibility of ‘evidence’ supposedly showing miners at Orgreave had come armed for battle, which authorities have claimed justified a police response best described as brutal.

The eyewitness, Frazer Frizelle – now a business owner in Kent – was a teenager at the time and used to fish in a pool near Richborough power station. Here are his own words:

Myself and a friend cycled from Ramsgate to Richborough to go fishing. Being young and impetuous and both us and the location being crap for fishing we were sidetracked by a group of police with petrol grinders taking out nearby railings.

Upon approaching a “piss off you kids” comment from a policeman made us leave -not before seeing aforementioned railings being loaded into a police van. One of us (I forget which now) jokingly commented to the other “those would make great spears”.

Later that week i was sitting drawing while my father watched the news and my interest drew me to it when they mentioned Richborough power station. (As this was right next to our frequent fishing spot).

The report was about a clash between NUM pickets and police and they said “rocks were thrown at police and railings were torn out and used as spears” – they then rolled out a police presentation of these spears and they were…the same distinct fleur-de -leys pointed ones i had seen beeing taken away from the area days before.

A ‘fleur de lys’ railing

So yes. It is easy for evidence to be planted and some poor sod was up on an attempted murder charge for supposedly using these ‘weapons’. It did teach me at a young age 13/14 not to trust both the police or the media.

A ‘Sun’ front page before the day of the ‘Battle’ alleged that police faced ‘a barrage of bricks, bottles and spears as they broke up a bloody riot’ even though, as the politics.co.uk website points out, footage of that day shows miners simply spread out peacefully.


If the above eye-witness account is true and police were seen turning railings into ‘spears’ later shown off to TV cameras as weapons brandished by picketing miners, then this must cast serious doubt, or even completely undermine, police claims of weapons at Orgreave – and makes entirely believable the claim that police planted weapons there to be photographed in the aftermath.

And Home Secretary Amber Rudd thinks that there was ‘no miscarriage of justice’ and so no need for a public inquiry.

If you have evidence to contribute, please email the writer at skwawkbox@outlook.com.


  1. We must never give up the fight for justice – no matter how many decades pass. The Conservative Party is still one of our main political parties and forms the present Government. The Orgreave fight for justice is as relevant today as it was at the time.

  2. The case is undeniable. There still too many witnesses alive to risk a public inquiry. keep up the pressure,

  3. Surely the police’ alleged action constitutes perversion of the course of justice? Does a “statute of limitation” apply in criminal cases?

    1. In general yes, except to sexual offences apparently. So it’s politically damaging rather than a risk of criminal conviction.

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