Calling all Orgreave soldiers/police

(Even if you’re not a current or former police/services member who was at Orgreave, please share this post to widen its reach.)

The articles on this blog about the events at Orgreave and the Tories’ motives for denying a public inquiry into them, have attracted huge interest. They have also attracted comment and testimony from others who were there, including former soldiers and police officers.

The SKWAWKBOX is today issuing a request and invitation to any current or former police officers or members of the military who were present at Orgreave, particularly on but not limited to the day of the ‘Battle of Orgreave’, to contact this blog with any pertinent information.

If you wish to contribute, please email the author at skwawkbox@outlook.com as soon as possible. If you wish to be anonymous in anything published, your wishes will, of course, be respected.

Thank you.

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