Wallasey crowdfund suspended. Please share.

At the request of Wirral Momentum and senior figures in Wallasey CLP, the crowdfunding for the fighting fund has been suspended. The SKWAWKBOX understands that circumstances may be changing and moves may be in the offing which will obviate the need for legal action, although recourse to the courts is held as an option should it become necessary.

This blog and Wallasey CLP members thank those fantastic people who have contributed for their generosity. The crowdfund site will be kept open until the new developments have played out, at which point it will either be reopened or closed, as appropriate.

If you have come to this article via a link to the crowdfund article, thank you so much for your kind interest. Please keep an eye open for news in case the fund reopens.

Please share this information widely so that people are informed.


  1. While I share your concerns, isn’t it a bit premature to be asking people to pledge money when at this point in time no individuals have been named either in the report or in the media over the allegations relating to the CLP AGM, and no charges have been brought ? On whose behalf would any legal action be, and against whom would it be taken ? What legal advice have you obtained on the viability of any legal action ?

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