Calling London – or anyone who knows a Londoner

If you’re in London and a Labour member – or if you know a Labour member in London – please read and share this post.

The next couple of weeks represent the next phase in the battle to turn Labour back into itself under Jeremy Corbyn.

Nominations close this Friday for the London Labour Regional Board elections – the opportunity to have your CLP (constituency Labour party) put its name behind the genuine left-wing candidates who will support Labour’s leader. If you have a CLP meeting this week, make sure that your CLP nominates the candidates shown in the graphic below.

The London regional conference takes place 12th November and delegates will choose from the candidates. In addition to the nomination, it’s vital to vote for these ‘left slate’ candidates if you’re a delegate – and if you’re not, to make sure your CLP mandates its delegates to do so.

Much is made, in an attempt to smear, of Labour’s supposed ‘London-centric’ bias ‘Islington metropolitan’ character under Corbyn,  but in fact some of the most entrenched and intransigent of the right-wing faction have their power-base in London, such as Chuka Umunna’s Streatham constituency, where Corbyn-supporting members were locked out of the meeting to decide the CLP’s nomination for the recent leadership election.

In addition, although London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s successful campaign depended in large part on the efforts of Corbyn supporters, he is a Patron of the right-wing agitator-group Progress and showed with his support for Owen Smith and his risible conference speech where his real allegiances lie.

In order to continue the democratisation of Labour and reinforce its ability to represent a genuine alternative to the Tories, it’s essential that a full ‘Left slate’ is elected. Here are the candidates to support:


And if you want more information on what they stand for, or need it to help convince your CLP, their candidate statements are all linked here.

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