A million visitors – and a new url

Last week the SKWAWKBOX passed a milestone: one million visitors since the blog was founded.

There are blogs with far higher levels of traffic, but considering it’s entirely a spare-time project (though what a laughable concept that is these days!) and I had an almost-complete hiatus of over 2 years for various reasons, I’m pleased to have made some good information available to more than a million politically-interested brains.

As well over 300,000 of those visitors have been since this blog was relaunched in mid-August this year, I’m even more pleased – because it shows the increasing level of political engagement among the UK’s people and an increasing desire to get behind the anodyne or plain misleading stories and narratives of the mainstream media.

To celebrate and to make it easier for people to find the blog, I’ve splashed out a little to move it from the old WordPress address to a new, bespoke domain as of today: www.skwawkbox.org.

Clicks on links to the old domain should automatically reroute to this site. But just in case, please save this new url to your bookmarks and share this information so others have it too.

Thanks for your support. If you have good information that’s not being heard, keep getting in touch and let’s hope the next million is reached faster as people get informed and disentangle themselves from the disinformation peddled by the corporate media machine and defeat the hideous government and Establishment behind it.


  1. Congratulations!
    I think you’re right about your increase in popularity – people are sick of being spoonfed nonsense as news and want a better choice.
    Skwawkbox was excellent before you took your break and it is better since you came back.
    I welcome the rise of this, and other left-wing information sources.

  2. Congratulations, Steve! I agree with Mike – Skwawkbox was excellent before but now better still.

  3. Well done Steve, let’s hope the 1 million continues to grow; the more people turn to independent quality information, the faster we rid ourselves of the oppressive regime.

    Great to see you back xx

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