Labour Transformed: Campaign Machine

Great article on Labour’s trajectory under Corbyn – at least as long as the agitators get out of the way. Please read – and give Corbyn your full support.

Heavy Metal Politics

Open. Modern. Transparent.

This, increasingly, is the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

A second record-breaking mandate has laid the foundations for a new political trajectory; one where elections are not won by Party elites but by all members, across the country.

Visiting the Labour Party website used to feel like a chore. Bland. Stale. Boring. It offered nothing. Basic info. on MPs, Shadow Cabinet members and vague policy proposals were all it could muster.

Today, information has been replaced with interaction.

untitledHomepage – – 30/09/16

What’s recently been unveiled as a re-design has revealed itself as a treasure trove of campaign material.

Video icons, fact sheets, policy announcements; all linked to social media, enabling viewers to share info. with one click.

But it isn’t just information that’s being shared – it’s a perspective. A philosophy. An idea.

An idea that the Labour Party – far from being old and…

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