Ferrett’s weasel resignation signal to ‘red tories’, may bring McNicol/Watson’s long-overdue downfall

Anti-Corbyn poster-boy, the weasel John Ferret, hitherto leader of Portsmouth council, has today issued a letter resigning from the Labour party and calling on the laughably-named ‘moderates’ in Parliament and throughout the party to leave to form a new party.

Ferrett is an outspoken anti-Corbyn campaigner, who recently let slip his real proclivities:


Curious, given that the right wing of the Labour party takes such offence at being labelled ‘red Tories’. And Ferrett is by no means exceptional:



It may be that Ferrett’s colleagues will simply leave him ‘hoist by his own petard’ and dangling in the wind. But if a single Labour MP joins him in his quest to split the left vote and appeal to the mythical ‘centre ground’, there must be serious consequences.

In his speech to Conference yesterday, which was loudly applauded by a number of right-wing delegates, General Secretary Iain McNicol made this statement about the Parliamentary Labour Party (and aimed at the ‘rebels’), which was already risible then:

Hard-working Labour champions, winning seats for Labour, and denying Tories, and SNP and Lib Dems an extra seat in Parliament.

That’s the PLP – Labour through and through, and deserving our whole-hearted gratitude and support.

The behaviour of those MPs since before Corbyn was even elected made an utter mockery of that claim even as he said it – and of him and of the MPs involved.

McNicol’s position has been untenable since ‘Labour purge 1’ in the run-up to the 2015 leadership election and became even more evidently so after the massive ‘Labour purge 2’.

If a single MP follows Ferrett’s weasel lead and resigns – or even fails to condemn it if asked – both McNicol and Tom ‘project Anaconda‘ Watson must resign immediately – and if they don’t, they must be sacked. The former should have happened long ago, but they’ve been too shameless.

The Labour anthem ‘The Red Flag’s words ‘When cowards flinch and traitors sneer’ remain as apt as ever. The behaviour of Ferrett and his Labour-right friends has been both cowardly and treacherous and it’s time to draw a line through and under it.

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