Things to watch out for in tonight’s C4 Dispatches Momentum ‘exposé’

Some Momentum ‘Stormtroopers’. Apparently.


 Tonight’s Channel 4 Dispatches programme will feature an ‘undercover investigation’ into Momentum, the organisation that grew out of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s successful 2015 leadership election campaign.

 This ‘exposé’ involved an undercover reporter gaining employment – presumably under false pretences’ – firstly as a Momentum volunteer and then as a paid member of Corbyn’s 2016 leadership campaign.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the programme will focus on the supposed ‘machinations’ of Momentum toward their supposed aim of deselecting recalcitrant MPs who participated in the ‘chicken coup’ – though the trailers I’ve seen so far contain nothing that any reasonable person wouldn’t agree with or at least understand.

However, a reporter passing incognito among Corbyn’s campaign team and supporters would certainly see – and, given the fact that the programme is being made by a company with an apparent axe to grind against Corbyn, draw attention to – any other misdeeds.

So, given the nature of the extreme accusations against Corbyn’s team and supporters over recent months, here are some things you should expect to see ‘exposed’:

  1. Antisemitism
  2. Misogyny
  3. Threatening behaviour
  4. Abuse of opponents
  5. Bricks

If the programme features none of these, then the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that the incessant accusations of them – and the claims of victimhood by Labour MPs and others – are nothing more or less than cynical, mendacious attempts to smear people for political and/or PR gain.

Since the programme is trailing deselection discussions/plans (AKA ‘the exercise of democratic rights’), you might be excused for drawing that conclusion before even seeing the programme. But if you do get chance to watch it and judge for yourself, so much the better.


  1. Great bit of spin. Set out your own list of charges against the Corbynistas to be answered knowing the programme is going to deal with other matters. Then dismiss the charges of the programme because they are different from your list.

    Here’s a link which might help objective visitors to this site make up their own minds about the dirty tricks deployed by Momentum which is supposed to be about bringing honesty back to politics.


    1. It’s not ‘my’ list of charges, but I’m sure you know that. The programmes contained nothing of substance and Dispatches in particular was full of biased commentators such as the ‘neutral’ barrister who is Alistair Campbell’s brother-in-law and who fought – and lost – on behalf of the odious Michael Foster to try to kick Corbyn off the ballot.
      And even then they couldn’t find anything genuinely (as opposed to histrionically) problematic. Jog on.

      1. A typical Corbynista response if I may say so. Play the man not the ball. And if you do not find anything genuinely problematic about what was exposed here I’m afraid that says more about you and your cause than anything else.

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