Jeremy Corbyn – The Fight for the Public Mind

Heavy Metal Politics

“We are not doing celebrity, personality, abusive politics – we are doing ideas. This is about hope.” – Jeremy Corbyn

From the perspective of the establishment there has to exist within the minds of the majority belief in an open and fair democratic process married to a free and rigorous media that unflinchingly examines this democratic process.

As far as the State is concerned, perception and faith are the bedrocks of their successful uninterrupted and unquestioned continuation. But fewer and fewer among us still have any semblance of faith or indeed trust in the either the political establishment or the media.

In fact, I would venture most people believe it’s a rigged-game; and rigged at our expense.

The existence of this perception is, of course, not entirely new; but the sheer scale of perception among vast swathes of the population most certainly is.

Surely we have to ask: “What happens…

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One response to “Jeremy Corbyn – The Fight for the Public Mind

  1. Hi – Re Labour leadership votes. This is really a sham of an election. My husband was expelled from the party and told his vote will not count. The email I recieved on his behalf stated he had made comments on social media and was no longer able to be part of the Labour party.
    The reality is my husband cannot use a computer and has no accounts with social media and therefore impossible for him to have committed these allegations.
    The mistake I now realise was him telling Labour when he joined last year was stating he thought they had at last got a leader he could believe in.
    I am shocked at the level of corruption that is taking place in the Labour Party just to oust a leader who is not part of the establishment.
    I did try to DM you on twitter but it came back that you didn’t exist – think this could be my very old laptop being used by an OAP – me !!
    I hope you and maybe others could perhaps get together and hold the Labour NEC and Iain McNicol to account because whatever the outcome hundreds if not thousands have been denied a vote . It has not been a true and honest contest.

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