Why I’m voting for Corbyn, and why you should too

This perfectly – perfectly – sums up exactly why those opposing Corbyn are, for the most part, not only craven but plain wrong and why it’s absolutely essential that he not only win this needless leadership contest but then take whatever measures necessary to remove those likely to trigger such nonsense again and to continue to try to trip up the programme Corbyn wants to create and undermine his clear, authentic lead.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


The American Senator, William Borah, is said to have first coined the phrase “phoney war” in 1939. He was describing what Winston Churchill called the “twilight war” and the Germans called the “sitting war.” A period of relative inactivity on the ‘Western Front,’ that was accompanied by increasing sabre rattling and posturing, that presaged the real battle.

The term can easily be applied to the last few months of the Labour Party Leadership campaign. This is after all a period that has seen Neil Kinnock, a man who lost two General Elections, and Kezia Dugdale, a woman who led her party to third place in a two horse race, lecture us all on the importance of electability. It has served up a challenger who agrees with everything his rival says, but nevertheless feels that plunging his party into a pointless and damaging election is entirely justified. And finally, in what…

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