Breaking: Irony dead – note blames Owen Smith ad

Irony is widely reported to have died this weekend. Close friends said she left a note blaming Owen Smith’s ‘Liberty’ advert for her demise.

Investigators believe the cryptic note referred to the Smith campaign’s paid Facebook ad this weekend, after Smith’s comment during last week’s Labour leadership hustings:

Jeremy shouldn’t mistake mass rallies for a mass movement

The campaign ad uses black-and-white footage of an Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan rally from the 1950s in its first few seconds, with a soundtrack of Bevan saying,

Behind us are millions and millions of ordinary men and women who are expecting us to do our duty


Commenting on the news, Satire – one of Irony’s closest relatives – said,

She’d been under a lot of strain recently but this was just too much. Using black-and-white footage of a 60-year-old mass rally to oppose a man who can raise huge crowds right now in full colour is bad enough, but to do so just a couple of days after dismissing mass rallies, under a tagline that talks about winning liberty – well, her poor old heart just gave out.

With things like this becoming the norm- especially that ‘doing your duty’ line when he and those other MPs resigned en masse to attack Corbyn, I don’t think I’ve got long left myself, for that matter!

Another close associate, Sarcasm, added,

Of course, he would  say rallies are unimportant when he’s unable to gather a large crowd even if he gives away free ice creams, but come on – he had to pay  to get his message out on bloody Facebook! This is too easy even for me – and I’m the lowest form of wit!

The Smith campaign was unavailable for comment, with a ‘senior source’ saying that they were all too busy sifting through footage of Donald Trump rallies to try to find shots that didn’t have any racist placards in them and might be usable in the next advert, but that ‘You might get someone to spare a minute to talk about his inside leg measurement’.

We’ll bring you more as the story unfolds.


  1. Really S/box IF you think the Smith campaign is pretty low then there is no need to follow it

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