Atos asked disabled person ‘why haven’t you killed yourself’

I highlighted recently a series of articles on the ‘Vox Political’ blog that examine apparent ‘nudging’ of disabled benefit claimants towards suicide and how this links with other instances of psychological abuse of benefit claimants by the DWP.

As the same blog points out, it’s far more blatant and overt than merely ‘steering’ or ‘nudging’.

A disabled ‘ESA’ (Employment support allowance) claimant who admitted to suffering from depression was asked by the assessor,

Why haven’t you killed yourself yet, then?’

Which is as appalling as it ought to be shocking, yet isn’t if you know anything about how disabled and other benefit claimants are routinely treated.

You might think this is far-fetched. You’d be wrong, as the claimant recorded the entire discussion.

Please read the original article for more details – and please spread the word. We need the real issues front and centre instead of the red herrings and UKIP propaganda the mainstream media will attempt to keep our minds on.

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