DWP calls benefit sanction ‘achievement’ and ‘positive outcome’

I posted this last year, but in light of yesterday’s post a reminder of how the DWP really regards benefit claimants is timely – and that taking away what is often a claimant’s only support is considered ‘a positive outcome’. This is the malignant influence of the government this country desperate needs to get rid of in May.


I’ve written much over the past couple of weeks about the DWP’s apparent determination to persecute unemployed benefit-claimants by forcing them to undergo activities and tests which are totally unsuitable or even fake.

That this trend reflects a deliberate vendetta rather than mere incompetence is something that appears inescapably obvious while at the same time suggesting some kind of ‘conspiracy theory’ that some would dismiss as far-fetched. But I’ve come across evidence that this is exactly how the DWP regards claimants.


I’ve been reading some information released by the DWP as part of a response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request in 2011 – just over a year after the coalition government took office.

This information includes guidance documents to Jobcentre Plus (JCP) personnel that reveal exactly how the government regards benefit claimants – and the process of cutting off their benefits: as an ‘achievement‘…

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