DWP ‘nudging’ disabled claimants toward suicide?!

The SKWAWKBOX has published extensively on the sinister and abusive use of techniques devised by the same ‘torture guru’ who created the now-infamous CIA ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques on UK benefit-claimants. Search ‘psychometric’ on this blog to find those articles.

The excellent ‘Vox Political’ blog picked up on the latest of these articles this week – and links this phenomenon to apparent DWP attempts to use similar ‘nudge’ techniques to encourage disabled claimants to commit suicide.

Which ought to be so extreme as to be unbelievable. But it isn’t – which is something that ought to shock us and certainly something that should be making headlines in the media, but almost certainly won’t.

Please visit the Vox Political blog, read the series of articles examining this should-be-scandal and spread the word. We desperately need a proper spotlight on the manifold sins of this ‘government’.


  1. so lets get a trade union of the unemployed to counter the dwp i am willing to front this and work towards a workable solution to stop the dwp quoting rules and regs that even they do not even understand because they have come to to a point where there is so many it takes years to get an answer to the simplistic question, and this is not help the needy, people are now and many will die because of the dwp system, this has to stop now

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