Daily Mail wins misleading headline of the week award (again)

We’ve seen this week how mendacious the government is in the way it refers to the cost of ‘welfare’ (it is no accident that this has become the preferred term rather than ‘benefits’) and in the way it treats benefit claimants.
Now we see how the government’s media allies routinely do the same to skew debate and perception and to mislead the credulous many.


Yesterday the Daily Mail published a story on its website headlined “£7,000 per person is the true cost of welfare as UK spends a quarter of national income on handouts”. This is a story about some data published by the EU which shows the amount each nation spends on ‘welfare’ – a measure which here includes healthcare and pensions. The Daily Mail calls these ‘handouts’. Is NHS care a handout now? The article below displays a bit more honesty (only a bit) and includes this chart (look at the chart title. Romania and France don’t even appear on the chart!)

Daily Mail

It trumpets the fact that UK spending on welfare is 17.5% above the EU average, but then also says it is only the 15th biggest spender in the EU. You could just as easily (and perhaps more honestly) write the headline as :

“UK spending on welfare (including health…

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One response to “Daily Mail wins misleading headline of the week award (again)

  1. I agree.
    Social Security ‘Benefits’ this language ‘which is as it should be used’ does not have the ‘double speak’ and derisive connotations (attributed by the current government), that the current descriptor ‘Welfare’ has. We all pay in to the Social security budget, one way or another, which was designed to Benefit us all when we need it. It was designed as a form of ‘Social Insurance’. Not something to be beaten with.


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