If you care about the media hatchet-job on the NHS, please read

Came across this very interesting article on the persistent character-assassination of the NHS in the media, and the reasons behind it (it references my articles on HSMRs and on Private Eye’s wholesale swallowing of them):



  1. Well we all know what’s been going on. Small group (15-20?) of aggrieved relatives get national press coverage for 5 years and 2 public enquiries because they have bad things to say about Stafford Hospital (and the wider NHS). 50,000 people turn out in support of the same institution, resulting in a mass boycott by the national media. I rest my case.

  2. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    The article to which the Skwawkbox links demonstrates that the source of the stories about poor NHS care and the gagging of NHS whistleblowers, has links to Common Purpose, a political lobby group. One of those involved is ‘Beardie’ Richard Branson, who stands to profit from NHS privatisation. Common Purpose have an established policy of setting up ‘useful idiots’ to lead public inquiries, unaware of the larger policy that Common Purpose is pursuing.They claim a similar policy is being followed here, with the other conspirators or useful idiots including Dr Phil Hammond, Private Eye’s ‘MD’, and Ian Hislop himself, for publishing these stories. I don’t think Hammond and Hislop are actually in favour of the privatisation of the NHS. The Eye has, after all, published numerous stories very much criticising it in its ‘In The Back’ and ‘Footnotes’ section. They are also no friends of Branson. As for Hammond, he started his comedy career as one half of ‘Struck Off and Die’, which was formed to combat attacks on the NHS by the Tories. Useful idiocy here is probably more likely, although personal and political beliefs change through time, and Hislop’s private beliefs may be very different from what he publishes professionally.

  3. What a load of bollocks. Who, I wonder, is behind the “World of Medicine”
    To quote: -Writing in The Guardian, Roy Greenslade described the Mail coverage of Common Purpose in general and the central focus on Sir David Bell in particular as, “a classic example of conspiracist innuendo,” that “through a series of leaps of logic and phoney “revelations” of Bell’s publicly acknowledged positions, the articles persistently insinuate that he has been up to no good.” Also in The Guardian, Michael White acknowleldged that, “anti-establishment bodies should be as much fair game for accountability as those of the old establishment,” but said: “I couldn’t help thinking as I read it that the analysis itself is a bit of a conspiracy. Delete “Common Purpose” throughout and insert “Jew”, “Etonian” or “Freemason” and you’d rightly feel uneasy.” In the New Statesman, Peter Wilby described the Mail coverage as, “a masterpiece of what I call “link” journalism. Show that X sits on the same committee as W who is married to Y whose cousin Z once spent a night at the house of the mass murderer V and, hey presto, X is “linked” to V and therefore to mass murder. Moreover, X probably conspired with W, Y and Z to cover up V’s crimes”

    Try looking to Hunt / Tories / Laws / Murdoch for your conspiracy against the NHS. They are know to want to replace the NHS with an insurance based system.

    1. Your comment about ‘insert Jew’ is grossly offensive. You don’t think ‘CP’ and Hunt etc are connected in their anti-NHS conspiracy?

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