How the corruption works: the Royal Mail example

Forget the protestations of Cable, Cameron and Osborne about the ‘need’ for low valuations (as if the ‘failure’ to complete the privatisation, leaving us all in ownership, would have been a disaster) – the graphic below shows very succinctly why Royal Mail was privatised.

It also acts as a template for how Tory cronies and supporters benefit from the privatisation of the NHS and all the other public possessions – and how the Tory party then fattens its coffers for its fight to stay in power and further propagate the vicious, rotten circle:

Photo: Just a little something to think about for a Monday night

‘Enjoy’, and share. And if anyone knows who created the graphic, which I found unattributed on Facebook, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.


  1. Sums it up pretty succinctly – then just change the faces and insert the relevant dodgy deal across the whole spectrum of this so-called ‘government’

    The Lies Deceit and Theft by Politicians was the Hallmark of Blair’s Legacy it has Emerged the Tories are exactly the same but show scant regard for Public Opinion and forcefully show that through their total Arrogance .ID Smith’s Knows no bounds and epitomises the Tory General Attitude towards the Public “put up and shut up your superiors have spoken” even when he’s Lying .
    Maria Miller’s scenario is different from Smiths in that she has Blatantly Lied about falsely Claiming subsistence from the Government and elevated herself above the Law .The Expenses Commissioner judged she should pay back £40,000 but an MP’s committee has overruled that and lowered the sum to £ 5,800 .If we were convicted of theft which she has committed by Magistrates then appealed to our Neighbourhood Watch Chairman and he over turned the verdict do you think we would get away with it .
    This issue has now become an Example of Cameron’s faith in his own ability to say the matter has ended because he has written a line under it and everyone is expected to adhere to his decision .We should look for an alternative Party to vote for in the European Elections other than Tory – they must be shown the Law of the Land Applies to them by all of us .

  3. One of the Party’s of Sleaze has been conducting a “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” EXPERIMENT – DEMOCRACY AT ITS BEST
    It seems the Conservative Party has been keeping documentary evidence of Tory MPs’ indiscretions, crimes and bad behaviour in a blue folder, but this has now been destroyed for fear that the Party might be forced to reveal its contents under the Freedom of Information Act. The information in the “book”, which was destroyed a little more than four years ago as the Tories prepared for the 2010 general election, was used by party whips – its official title was “Whips’ Notes” – if they needed to persuade a colleague to support legislation they opposed, or a minister under fire. Sources within the Conservative Party say this persuasion did not go as far as blackmail – although you are perfectly entitled to form your own opinion.
    The book’s existence was revealed by the Sunday Mirror, which also carried details of several more ‘sleaze’ scandals, including allegations that:
    Taxpayers indirectly funded a £2,500 suite in the Light ApartHotel, used for a gay sex party during the Conservative Party’s 2011 conference in Manchester.
    Senior Conservatives regularly tried to seduce male parliamentary workers after getting drunk at the House of Commons.
    MPs and peers used ‘date rape’ drugs on junior activists, and paid for abortions after getting their staff pregnant.
    The claims are eerily reminiscent of sleaze scandals from the Conservative Parliaments of 1979-1997, in which Cecil Parkinson was forced to resign after impregnating his secretary; David Mellor’s extra-curricular sporting activities with Antonia de Sancha; and sex scandals involving Tim Yeo and the Earl of Caithness. The headline of this article is based on a song and is intended to evoke comparisons between ‘love and marriage’ and ‘Tories and scandal’.

    The only way we can show our mistrust and disillusionment with today’s Politics and Main Parties is by ignoring them ,that is the only indicator that they will measure our mood by .We by Lawful Default were tricked into joining the EU by Heaths Lies.
    There is a List of all Parties taking part on the 22nd – 25th May 2014 at http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com
    Even if you do not wholeheartedly support any of them by voting for one of them you are doing no harm to the UK ,that’s already been done but sending a very Powerful Message to Cameron ,Clegg and Miliband that we the Electorate have had enough .
    Do not keep telling us we live in a Democracy when we know we do not have any voice .
    All three Main Parties have voted for the Draconian Reforms that have taken us back 50 years .
    The United Kingdoms Domestic front has been neglected in preference for Politicians to Play the World Stage at our Expense .
    We have been used and abused by Politicians and the Media and it is time to Halt the Rot Right Now
    If you want change for your children instead of them accepting Workfare is the normal situation when there is no other Employment available change that direction by Voting anyone but Conservative ,Labour or Libdems .We owe it to our Grandparents who fought and died for our Freedom and our Children so that we can give them it back .
    The population make a Country not a small minority holding them to ransom by devious methods .
    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword .

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