The Tory Hypocrisy of IDS and Miller

Beautifully put by Jayne Linney.

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    The USA had the right to Freedom of Speech written into their Constitution and ratified in 1791.Unlike them the UK remained one of the hemisphere’s only Nation without a written guarantee of Free Speech and Press until Oct 1996 when Article 10 of the European Human rights Act became Law in the UK .
    This gave us in Britain the first opportunity to receive and impart Information and ideas without interference from UK Authorities .However the European Convention has added a codicil “Part 2” which Restricts the Press in the Interests of National Security .So in actual fact the Law bars the Government from Controlling the Press unless it decides to do so .Therefore there is No Press Freedom in this Country hence the Lack of Media attention over Draconian Welfare Reforms, Atos Deaths and Social Cleansing and the many Demonstrations highlighting these Facts .
    Self Regulation only applies if you are playing ball with the Government ,hence MP’S having the ability to self Regulate their own Expenses is a Government Perk in return for MP’s to tow the Line. Cameron in the Miller blatant theft case is loath to take the Perk away because he has less control ,its Bribery .

    The Lies Deceit and Theft by Politicians was the Hallmark of Blair’s Legacy it has Emerged the Tories are exactly the same but show scant regard for Public Opinion and forcefully show that through their total Arrogance .ID Smith’s Knows no bounds and epitomises the Tory General Attitude towards the Public “put up and shut up your superiors have spoken” even when he’s Lying .
    Maria Miller’s scenario is different from Smiths in that she has Blatantly Lied about falsely Claiming subsistence from the Government and elevated herself above the Law .The Expenses Commissioner judged she should pay back £40,000 but an MP’s committee has overruled that and lowered the sum to £ 5,800 .If we were convicted of theft which she has committed by Magistrates then appealed to our Neighbourhood Watch Chairman and he over turned the verdict do you think we would get away with it .
    This issue has now become an Example of Cameron’s faith in his own ability to say the matter has ended because he has written a line under it and everyone is expected to adhere to his decision .We should look for an alternative Party to vote for in the European Elections other than Tory – they must be shown the Law of the Land Applies to them by all of us .MILLER HAS GONE THANKS TO OUR VOICE .ELECTION LOOMS.

    A former Royal Navy rating Rhiannon Mackay, aged 29, was an NHS administrator ,but was sacked and given a Six Months Prison Sentence for Lying on her CV . She falsely claimed she had two A-levels, a court heard.ID Smith could not Lie in Bed straight never mind tell the Truth but still holds his Position of High Executioner of the DWP .Cameron has stated that Miller would will be welcome back at some point .
    The Oath .
    While holding a copy of the New Testament (or, in the case of a Jew or Muslim, the Old Testament or the Koran) a Member swears: “I…swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.” Nothing whatsoever to be truthful to the Electorate .So they can get away with anything as long as it does not upset Liz .
    Channel Four News Jon Snow in an interview concerning Miller dragged Nigel Farage over the Coals concerning Expenses ,previous UKIP MEP’s behaviour and castigating him for decrying the Whole Miller Episode this displays precisely what Clout this Dysfunctional Tory Party has over any Presentation involving them .The Tories are so much in the Mire to admit it would be an absolute defeat so they Blindly lurch forward- the Work programme in Tatters ,DWP Medical Assessments still killing People ,Education System in Tatters and the whole sorry Episode costing us the Taxpayer Billions.
    All because the Bent Tories want to show an Honest Presentation of themselves when we know they are a totally Discredited Party .

    Tories are the Biggest Conserver of their Own Money but the Biggest waster of Taxpayers Money .

    When you Lie repeatedly it becomes second nature and those that know you cannot be bothered picking you up on your blatant Lies because it is a waste of breath ,you learn to pick the Wheat from the Chaff .
    Similar to Blair Cameron has sold his soul to the Devil the pair of slippery deceitful Liars are so insecure and have no courage of conviction they jump on the Religious Band Wagon .Blair changing his Religion at the age of 50 had more to do with the Good Friday Agreement than any Personal Character Reforming .
    “Jesus invented the Big Society 2000 years ago ,I just want to see more of it “ Says Cameron .Had Osborne just secured a ‘Deal’ from miss Rowe .
    He takes the opportunity to offer his support to Britain’s Christian Community ,but only if they are not on Benefits or Renting .
    “If there are things that are stopping you from doing more, think of me as a giant Dyno-Rod,” he said .Obviously he certainly has missed the Alarm call ,we already do Dave and think you belong in a Drain .
    Mr Cameron faced a backlash from his own Conservative Party MPs yesterday over the way he handled Ms Miller’s resignation .Man up Cameron forget the Party Line if they Offend Our the Public’s Sensibilities Sack them .Make what you will of our Senior Politicians words of Wisdom ,I think Sigmund freud would not need his Profession to diagnose him .

  6. Parliament The Real Benefit Street – WHERE HAS DEMOCRACY GONE DID WE HAVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE For years there has always been this mistrust amongst the Public concerning Politicians even though those were the days of Doorstep Politics and offers of being taken the Polling Station to cast your vote by Party Car .But todays Politics neither Represent us nor care about our opinions as long as we cast a vote to Legitimise the very existence of those in Power .That I am afraid is the Sum Total of what amounts to Democracy in this County in 2014 .
    We do not choose what issues should be voted on in Parliament ,the hierarchy of the Governing Party does .Does our Representative MP bother to find out how we would like him to vote on any particular issue on our behalf .Even MP’s are ‘Whipped’ into which way they should vote and only rarely get a free vote on issues that are of little importance .
    So in actual fact a small group of people decide what should become Law ,MPS are told which way to vote hence that very small minority of self- interested parties condemn approximately 48 million voters to be subjected to whatever they wanted past .Blair was even worse rather than Cabinet Meetings he held private Business meetings to discuss what was going to ultimately affect us .Also do not forget the lobbyists with large open wallets that have privilege to see Ministers that we do not .
    Have you a suggestion why 296 MP’S voted against an Inquiry into Food Banks and Poverty in the UK 20124 ? According to World Audit Org the UK is rated as 13th Democracy ,18th in Press Freedom and 12th in corruption Rank .

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