Pls read this Roy Lilley article on CQC head’s boot put into the NHS

I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Roy Lilley (a fact I suspect troubles him not at all) and I certainly wouldn’t agree with his suggestion that CCGs be responsible for hospital quality – they’re far too traducible by corporate interests – but this article on the disgraceful (and probably ill-motivated) attack on two overstretched hospitals the CEO of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) is otherwise excellent.

The behaviour of this Tory-supporting CEO of an organisation supposed to help the NHS perform optimally is hideous – he even advocates putting struggling hospitals into the hands of private US management, as if they have a track record of good, fair healthcare. But it provides yet another piece of the (none-too-puzzling) ‘puzzle’ of the right’s remorseless hatred of, and plans for, our greatest-ever institution.

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    I can’t remember a time when the NHS has not been a ball for politicians to kick around. In all that time I don’t remember anyone even hinting that any politician of any party had got it right about the NHS. As far as I know national insurance payments are not and have never been properly ring fenced so that the arrogant, greedy pompous and all too often fraudulent politicians can’t siphon the money off to which ever new toy has their incompetent and ineffective attention.

    The NHS is expensive and its worth it. Politicians are not good enough to be allowed anywhere near it.

  2. its awake british people and throw this lot out they sleeping whilr the tories steal the monies away from services not to save but to give it to another company one of them sits at the board yes a two faced tory party but never mind Unum is there to sell one that policy that they withdraw because just like in the states they didn’t or wouldn’t pay out jeff3

  3. It isn’t good enough just to say kick these lying Tories out, which of course is right, but to demand that the NHS be reinstated and that the private sector be prohibited form operating within it. They are a cancer on the body of the public sector that needs radical surgery.

    It is the private sector that is failing this country, when are people going to wake up?

  4. Sir Steven Moss, Chairman of Mid Staffs Trust for 3 years from around the time Stafford = Basket Case in the media, made a good point in his closing statement for the Francis Enquiry. He said that the regulators had been at best unhelpful in the cause of improving Stafford Hospital which had majorly turned around despite the regulators.
    He suggested that nobody should have the power to inspect a hospital without the equivalent obligation to assist if “problems” are found.

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