Hoban’s recycled response shows contempt for colleagues as well as voters

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a letter from DWP minister Mark Hoban, the contents of which showed utter contempt for fact, reason, and for the victims of his department’s so-called ‘reforms’.

It turns out that this contempt extends to his own party colleagues, too. His response to Tory MP for Macclesfield, David Rutley, was a rote regurgitation of nonsensical party soundbites, but if written for him specifically, it at least showed an attempt to genuinely communicate.

But Hoban has sent the exact same response to at least one more Tory colleague in response to a completely separate enquiry on behalf of a constituent – MP for Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven, Simon Kirby:


The exact same response, apart from the names and date.

Clearly, the Tory front bench not only despises the ordinary public and especially the vulnerable – but also their own backbench colleagues. Or at least any of those who still care enough about their constituents’ welfare and opinions to bother to send in a question on their behalf.

Well done to those MPs – and shame on a pathetic minister from a malignant department, who can’t even be bothered to write a proper response to his own Parliamentary colleagues.


  1. Hello Steve.

    Off topic – but there was an article in the Telegraph yesterday about an interview with Francis Maude in a US paper.

    In it, he is saying that Universal Credit is not working – completely the opposite from the bilge we keep getting from Hoban and IDS.

    Interesting that Hoban et al continue to churn out the same old stuff, rinse and repeat (as above) but others in government will happily go abroad and tell the truth there.

    So what is really going on with UC?

    1. Hello Sue.

      I can’t do links – but it was in yesterday’s Telegraph, in News/Politics.

      Or you can find a link at flythenestfreeforums on Daily Politics

      1. @Ephemerid

        Please do excuse me for teaching people how to suck eggs, but I always find you produce interesting posts on CIF, and I would also like to see the article in the telegraph. So in order to obtain the link:1) first go to page you wish in the Telegragh.
        2) Then highlight the address in your ‘BROWSER.’
        3) Then click with your mouse against the highlighted address in the browser.
        4) Up will pop a dialog box, scroll down and click on ‘Copy.’
        5) Then go back to the comment page you want the link to appear.
        6) Click in the area on the page, and up will pop the dialog box again, click on Paste, and the link address will appear.
        7) send the cursor to the end of the link and press enter

        This will then become live for others to click on.

    2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10251593/Benefit-reforms-were-too-risky-says-minister.html Thats the link. Would explain why IDS has been quiet of late, after a torrent of “its all going well, feckless scroungers” rhetoric… buttering up for a “its far to complicated, tis all the fault of pesky claimants needing so many things to survive” as IDS is quietly moved into another department to fcuk it up as well.. which is why hoban has suddenly become the DWP spokesperson in all matters.

  2. IDS may have been quiet but we have seen letters and articles appearing suggesting, among other things, his civil servants are out of control. This suggests to me he knows very well what’s happening and is preparing a scapegoat-lined escape route out of the political shit-storm he’s knows he’s going to find himself in very soon. Frankly, if he escapes politically or even if he’s heavily punished politically, it won’t be punishment enough. People are dying needlessly and this man has been instrumental in their deaths. If he and the rest of them aren’t brought up on charges and properly tried in a court of law then I can see him and them being the objects of very physical vendettas. Deservedly so too, IMO.

  3. Thank you Mervyn.

    I tried to do it with this other story my pals on flythenest found but couldn’t get it right. I’m useless with computers and tweeting and whatnot.

    This other story involves a chap taken to court by DWP for the return of DLA which he allegedly claimed fraudulently for a damaged right leg.
    It was in fact his left leg which was so damaged it required amputation in the end. Atos examined the wrong (only?) one.

    According to the Western Morning News, the case was thrown out when DWP, er, “offered no evidence”.

    Bill – I have wondered for some time if someone will go completely off on one and actually attempt to attack his nibs physically.
    I don’t think he and his colleagues have any idea just how viscerally they are hated by some – including me.
    I didn’t think I had room in my life for hatred; but having become ill and been treated with such contempt by the system I’ve been radicalised to the point where I might actually cheer if someone had a go.

    Not good – but somehow I can’t bring myself to forgive him.

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