A response to Hoban’s ‘history re-write’

A couple of weeks ago, I published a letter from Tory Work & Pensions Minister Mark Hoban that attempted to rewrite history and redefine several words. For example, Hoban claimed that the government’s benefit ‘reforms’, which have pushed hundreds of thousands of people, including children and disabled people, into poverty, are ‘helping’ them to escape ‘entrenched poverty’.


Hoban also blamed poor people for their poverty, but was merely parroting the government’s official line – a common tactic for MPs and ministers replying to their constituents.

A SKWAWKBOX reader decided to send Mr Hoban a brilliant email with his own thoughts and challenges on this and other issues after reading that article. Here it is:

Dear Mr Hoban,
I would like to draw your attention to the this blog, in which you are replying to a constituent of David Rutley MP.
I have say that i agree wholeheartedly with the blog on not only your attitude to the unemployed of this country, but also because of the facts that you are only too willing not to mention. “Over 60% of people receiving benefits are in work.”
As I’m sure you are aware (or maybe not) there can be very many different reasons for unemployment not least that we the people seem to suffer gladly from the most corrupt bunch of politicians – even when they steal from us and get found out they seem to be beyond the law just because they pay it back. 
Yet even today, expenses are higher than ever!
Not to mention the millions of pounds of our money claimed just because the system says allows it!
A great example of which is Mr Cameron himself claiming Mortgage interests even though he is a millionaire, his wife is a millionaire, his family are millionaires and his wife’s family are also millionaires. 
How much is enough i wonder? 
But of course we should all have morals and not use tax avoidance schemes – shouldn’t we?
Then there are your supporters. 
Lets talk about one possible reason for unemployment which keep scoundrels like Henry Angest happy – Education.
If we are to believe that politicians want the best education for all our children – why do we have private education?
Of which of course many politicians choose to use for their own children.
Would society not benefit the most if ALL our children were educated to the standards that private education often offers?
Instead we have seen the standard of education for our children falling for many years know. 
Its common knowledge that our current generation of educated children are far more under educated than the last generation. 
Exam results seem to have got better but its blindingly obvious that the standard of intelligence and the ability of critical thinking has dropped dramatically – which has not gone unnoticed by leading executives of many of the top companies.
This has now dramatically reduced the value of having a degree. 
I suspect this was the plan right from the off! 
Make qualifications easier to obtain which in-turn will encourage more indigenous and foreign students – which will of course indebt the majority of them for decades. 
This will obviously keep your friends like Henry Angest happy as more and more of our children will need to turn to these loan sharks for financial help.
This of course is all in line with the new Government Policy of “user pays” – except when you people use, we pay.
Oh and there was some necessity for a little spin from the education department to show how a degree will help you earn so much more throughout your lifetime – tell that to the thousand of Law degree holders that are currently stacking shelves in Tesco!
One of my friends paid over £50,000 for his Law degree – which will mean he will not even qualify for his first mortgage until he is in his late 30’s to 40’s.
Well done – good job.
Keep the minority in the lifestyle that they are accustomed to and the rest of us – if we are lucky – in a job. 
The definition of which is always – “Just over broke.”
I could go on to talk about how you lot bailed out your other financial buddies which is of course all linked to the above – maybe next time.
Just got to get down the offy to get my fags and a four pack of Stella  – that’s how you like the media to portray the poor….isn’t it!
We need more of this – both in terms of the level of awareness of government scams and tactics, and in the readiness to contact them to challenge it. If the British people become aware enough, and motivated enough, to take this kind of basic action it means the word can only spread, counteracting the dissembling and disinformation that is lulling far too many into acquiescence or apathy.
Mr Hoban’s email address is hobanm@parliament.uk – please send your own letter, and copy it to me at ccgwatch@gmail.com so that I can publish it here and we can increase awareness, pressure and momentum.


  1. I have previously given the cost of the TSA process at Stafford as £2.5m. The latest estimate from the TSA group itself is £7.5m. In relation to the above article ask yourself – who will be spending and benefitting from the £7.5m (and what strata of society do they come from) and who will be suffering the effects of their work (and which strata of society do they come from). Do you ever get the feeling that one day you will wake up and find you live in the USA?

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