Nowhere to hide, Mr Hoban: With advance notice of questions there’s no excuse for failure to answer

After Smith, Grayling and Cameron, Mark Hoban is now on the hook for his own lies, as he faces a grilling from MPs and questions to which he can’t claim not to know the answer, since he’s received them in advance. Watch this space tomorrow to see what happened. Another excellent article from Vox Political that exposes Hoban’s lies as well as highlighting more injustice and disdain heaped on disabled people by a ‘government’ that has managed to turn ‘wicked’ from histrionic hyperbole into understatement.


  1. Actually “wicked” is an entirely apt word for certain of HMGs policies from giving benefit claimants a hard time to closing long-standing and much valued acute local hospital services that practically 100% of the local population (=taxpayers) feel they need.

    1. Couldn’t agree more – but it’s a word I’ve tended to avoid because of the easy response that it’s histrionic. It’s started to become inadequate instead!

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