Cameron repeats his NHS £12.7bn lie in PMQs. Twice. Help shut him down.

I wrote at the weekend about David Cameron’s blatant lie in last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that his government is “putting £12.7 billion extra into the NHS”.

It was blatant not only because it’s absolutely untrue, but even more so because the government was already rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) for making the claim when the statistics suggest that spending has gone down in real terms.

David Cameron repeated his ‘Big Lie’ in today’s PMQs – not once, but twice:

This Government are putting £12.7 billion extra into the NHS

and, in a separate ‘answer’,

The Government have put £12.7 billion extra into our NHS. That is how we are supporting carers and hospitals

Leave aside for time being the nonsense of the idea that the Tory-led government is supporting hospitals when A&E waiting times are the highest in 9 years, over 7,000 nursing posts have been cut and around 20,000 others simply left unfilled to reduce costs, leading to record falls in public satisfaction with the NHS.

David Cameron continues not only to bend or shade facts to suit his political agenda, as politicians often do. He is making political capital from outright lies – and doing so after already having been told to stop by the government’s own statistical authority.

I’ve therefore written yet another email to the UKSA as a follow-up to my original one at the weekend:

Dear Mr Dilnot,

Mr Cameron repeated this claim twice more in today’s PMQs. Please expedite your findings on this to prevent the government making political capital out of falsehoods.

Thank you!


The UKSA’s email address is authority.enquiries@statistics.gsi.gov.uk. Please do the same and let’s stop Cameron profiting from knowingly lying to cover his party’s malignant intentions and woeful performance.


    Here is the reply.
    Thank you for your email to the UK Statistics Authority.

    Your enquiry has been logged and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Should you require a more immediate answer, please call our customer contact centre on 0845 604 1857 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

    You can follow the work of the UK Statistics Authority on our website at http://www.statisticsauthority.gov.uk.

    Kind regards

    UK Statistics Authority Secretariat

  2. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Here’s another chance to throw mud in David Cameron’s lying face. In Prime Minister’s Questions today (Wednesday), he twice repeated his favourite falsehood – that spending on the NHS is rising under his (please don’t call it a) government. The Skwawkbox blog provides just a few reasons we know this isn’t true – and then asks you to help shut down Cameron’s lies. All it takes is a quick email to the UK Statistics Authority.
    So go on. If you’ve got five minutes to read this, you’ve got five minutes to shut up the biggest liar in Britain. It won’t cost a thing and there won’t be any pain (well, not to you).

  3. I’ve emailed the UKSA as well. In addition to the complaint about Cameron, I added a local point which I believe to be relevant:
    Dear Mr Dilnot,
    Today, in Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron twice repeated a claim that his coalition government is putting £12.7 billion extra into the National Health Service.
    Is this not a claim that you yourself have warned him against making, because it is not true?
    Lying to Parliament used to be a resignation matter but this Prime Minister and his government seem to be riding roughshod over Parliamentary convention, and this means it is up to organisations such as yours to remind the general public of the facts.
    I am therefore writing to request that you remind the public of the facts in this matter, making it clear what statistics you are using, and your methodology, so there can be no doubt about the factual basis of your findings.
    It may help you to know that fake statistics from members of the government are being publicised as fact, wholesale, by members of their respective political parties. Today in my local weekly newspaper, the Brecon and Radnor Express, a letter was published from Conservative county councillor Gwilym Williams, who repeated the claim by Grant Shapps that “900,000 [people] have removed their claim for benefit [ESA] rather than take the new test”.
    You know, and I know, that this is not true, and the figure represents the normal ‘churn’ – the number of people dropping claims because they have got better, or found jobs they can do – even with their disability, or died. Cllr Williams says, “These are huge numbers and will save the taxpayer millions of pounds which can be used for hospitals and schools, which is desperately needed.”
    So his opinion is not only misinformed but also provides an unhealthy amount of misinformation for others. If you, or a member of your team, would like to contact the Brecon and Radnor Express about this, its editorial address is 11 The Bulwark, Brecon, Powys LD3 7AE and the editorial manager is Julie Chappell.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  4. I would just like to say its absolutely wonderful the fact your standing up to these criminals. We the public have been totally humiliated well will be when the masses realise what’s been done. I find it sad the fact that the media blind us with bullshit to cover up the crimes being committed against us. I think maybe some evidence should be brought forward and CITIZENS asserts should be made. Because lets face it the police belong to them, the police are their strong arm against us the people.

    1. Thank you! The remarkable thing about this govt is that they’re *not* trying to keep the police onside. Let’s hope they live to regret it.

      1. I wouldnt hold your breath, Malcolm X had a good analogy for the majority of the moronic mindset attracted to those kinds of positions of ” Authority” (anyone else see Cartman in mirror shades riding a BigWheel just then? No? Just me then.. 😀 )
        Unfortunately its racially disparaging, so i wont type it in full, but the saying used the words House & Field.
        I would have to put the majority of Police i have had dealings with in the “House” category

  5. Please forgive me Mike Sivier – I used your words for my email! You put things so succinctly!

  6. But copied and pasted my own link above which is a drect copy of Steves original, and it sent…
    Gmail. Not for the win

  7. Perhaps Mr Cameron is using the old technique of saying something very loudly and repeatedly hoping it becomes true (it often does of course). As a corrective I will repeat my thoughts of a few days ago on the basis that if I keep saying it …. hang on a minute, what I’m saying IS actually true!
    It is often said or heavily implied that the NHS is somehow exempt from “austerity” which is impacting on other government departments. Given demography and advances in treatment it is accepted that inflation + 4% keeps the NHS afloat (more if you want to invest). If the actual spend is less than inflation itself and subject to additional clawback (as per the last 2 years at least) then the “pain” for the NHS (and it’s staff) may be 6% per year in terms of what can now be offered, or call it 3% if we all manage a 3% CIP (Cost Improvement Programme – increasingly difficult in some areas). Compound that for 5 years and it’s about 20% – entirely in keeping with the £20 bn (of a £100 bn budget) “Nicholson Challenge” – the challenge being “can you chaps do the expected increase in health activity for 20% less than you had before?” Well we’ll all do our best, even though we’re in a torrent of “creative destruction”.
    But don’t be in any doubt. Far from extra money being available for real care on the front line the pressure has increased in the last 2-3 years – this would be recognised by most people as a cut.

  8. I’ve just emailed Andrew Dilnot again.:-
    Dear Mr Dilnot,

    I wrote to you a few days ago questioning the Prime Minister’s claim in Parliament that his government were putting £12.7 billion of extra spending into the NHS.

    Yesterday, 12th June, I yet again watched him make the same claim twice during Prime Minister’s Questions. He further claimed that £3.6 million of this money was going to North West London.

    I’m appalled that our Prime Minister is allowed to repeatedly make such untruthful claims unchallenged and therefore must urge you once again to correct him.

    Lets hope Cameron gets well and truly flogged over this.With so many complaints hitting his inbox Mr Dilnot must surely have to act.

  9. If Cameron has put £12.7bn into NHS, it’ll be to advertise selling NHS off. B**turd.

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