16 policies that Labour would carry out if in power

Eoin Clarke has just published an excellent and thoroughly-sourced article on his fantastic ‘Green Benches‘ blog listing 16 policies that Labour would implement if in power, including cuts in tuition fees, a massive house-building programme, rent-caps and a reversal of the odious bedroom-tax, as well as funding measures such as a higher tax-rate for the wealthy, a repeated tax on bankers’ bonuses and a mansion tax. Oh, and of course repealing the destructive Health and Social Care Act, which I broke in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

While the Labour manifesto for the next general election is not written yet, these items show that the Tories’ jibes that Labour have no policies or ideas are nothing but hot air and desperate schoolyard taunts – and that if you want to live a better, fairer country, there’s only one party that sees a way toward it.

Please take a look at Eoin’s great summary here – and spread the word.


  1. I’m afraid that I’m so cynical about politicians of all parties, I find it hard to believe what any of them say. It seems that whatever they promise when in opposition, they don’t fulfil this when in office.

    1. Finding and electing decent politicians is the only realistic hope of progress for the country – and of redressing the many wounds inflicted on our society by the current lot. It’s not easy, but we have to keep at it.

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